what your home says about you
December 17, 2018 Katie 0 Comments

Hey Hey Beauty! It’s Monday and that means another episode of A Sacred Space Podcast has DROPPED!

In this episode I am discussing a topic that I am pretty darn passionate about – what your home says about you and the way your home feels. I can go into someone’s home and know so much about them just by the way it feels!

Do you ever experience that?

We all want to stick around in a home that feels warm and cozy right? But what if you have no idea how your home feels to others? What do you do then?

I always say that the state of your home represents the state of your soul – this can be a crazy empowering idea to hold. In fact it did wonders for me; when I started connecting with my environment EVERYTHING in my LIFE changed for me.

I’m talking the love of my life just showing up like what seemed like out of thin air!

Healing from years of deep wounds I never thought I would get over

And legit forgiving EVERYONE (including myself) and all of this happened because I created an environment for myself that I LOVE and that loves me back!


So…In this episode find out:

  • How to change the feeling of your home in super simple ways
  • What the state of your home actually is saying about your soul
  • Simple ways to connect with your soul by connecting with your home
  • How to heal trauma and pain through little painless acts you can do inside your home


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