Do You Know What You Want
June 14, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

Are you clear on what you want? Do you know why you want more money? Or why you want that relationship? Do you know what you want out of life, in your business, in your relationships?

I haven’t always been the best at knowing what I want out of life. In fact I tend to lose sight of that pretty quickly. And I certainly haven’t been one to put too much focus on WHY I want something either.

Of course, the WHY is usually always based on some type of feeling.

Like, I want more money because I want to feel free, I want to grow, I want to contribute.

Or I want to fall in love again because it brings me joy, companionship, the meeting of two souls.

I want to move somewhere warm and southern because that’s where I feel at home and healthiest.

Typically I’m just scratching the surface with these type of statements and I haven’t really sat down and taken the time to get really clear on my intentions, what I really want and WHY I want it.

I noticed that when I am not totally clear on what I want, I attract things into my life that cause me pain. Plus, many times what I thought I wanted ended up a total NIGHTMARE!

Eventually, I figured out that I am attracting and creating those type of circumstances in my life because I haven’t invested time into my souls desires and aligned my will with God’s will.


Here are a few tips to get to the juicy soul core of your desires (and set clear intentions)


  • Mind Mapping

This is a simple (and very easy) brainstorming exercise. You find the core of your issue, or what you feel you are struggling with. Say its your finances. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. In the middle of the page write “Finances” or “Money” or whatever word resonates. From there just let your mind flow and write whatever comes to mind. Not only will you get to some pretty serious blocks in your prosperity but you will come up with some awesome ideas and steps you can take to start attracting more abundance into your life.  You can do this with any subject and it works every time.


  • Prayer

Part of really knowing what you want and why is having a relationship with God, a Higher Power, The Divine (insert your favorite name here.) Our souls, our spirits are always connected to God even if we aren’t aware of it and even when we feel totally separate from our Divine Source. Prayer and meditation are essential to cultivating and maintaining a constant connection to the Highest part of our selves. (Not to mention, prayer and meditation have HUGE health benefits!) This is where endless supplies of Joy, Love and Peace exist, it’s where our Highest Will exists and it’s where our Truth lives.

Having regular spiritual connection time makes a big difference in being able to set clear intentions that align with your souls deepest desires.


  • Fun!

If you feel stuck the best thing you can do is get outside for some fun time! Have a picnic, go for a bike ride or a walk. Take your children to the park or the pool. Getting outside into the sunshine and having a good time will bring clarity around any issue you are having and raise your vibration in the process. This often results in realizing that what you thought was a real problem wasn’t so big after all!

At the end of the day find a process that works for you and create a “tool kit” of go-to resources. If you get stuck or realize you’re attracting the exact opposite of what you TRULY WANT you have what you need to get back to center again!

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