What is Sacred Space?

What is Sacred Space?

First a little science

It might surprise you (or not) to know that we as human beings are made of 99.99% SPACE!

When scientists broke open the atom they found nothing – just formless, invisible energy – or space, I wont get into all the details here but this is without a doubt important to know before diving into the aspects of Sacred Space as I see it.

The bottom line is we are all space – Sacred Space.

That space is in constant need of expansion. So Sacred Space is about self-expression at the deepest level of our souls.

I used to believe that Sacred Space meant a small corner or room in the home that was dedicated to meditation and prayer.  However, Sacred literally means “Whole”.  After I found that out it didn’t make much sense to separate my Sacred Space from the rest of my life. 

What is Sacred Space? Its simply honoring ourselves as already being whole and living and practicing from that intention. In our culture we live in separation most of the time – practicing wholeness or Sacred Space is about healing the separation by honoring the Truth that we are whole and complete already.

However, we can’t really experience wholeness until we choose to live from that space or mindset. So its a practice in which we honor every part of our lives as being the whole of who we are and we can practice this in the 3 areas we have direct control over – our Home, Body and Soul.

The 7 Aspects of Sacred Space

There are 7 aspects of Sacred Space that I use to cultivate a practice of wholeness and expansion.

These 7 aspects are:

  •  Responsiveness – the ability to respond with loving kindness.
  • Connection – connecting with every aspect of ourselves and building self-trust and  confidence by honoring our commitments to ourselves and others.
  • Empowerment – being willing to learn as well as teach. Being willing to give as well as receive. 
  • Intention – becoming aware of our limiting thought patterns and beliefs and setting a daily intention to live our lives from a place of wholeness and truth.
  • Expression – allowing space for self-expression, allowing others to express themselves. Asking for what we want and need.
  • Vision – spending time cultivating a greater vision for our lives and putting it into action in small, consistent ways.
  • Clarity – choosing to see ourselves and others as whole and worthy of being loved.

PracticingSacred Space

I have always had a deep desire to live out my purpose in life but I spent most of my life having no clue what that was. It wasn’t until I had a major breakdown, ended up homeless, without a job or a car and with a 4 year old daughter that things really began to fall into place for me.

I realized that when my life changed was when I finally responded to myself. I finally said ‘Enough! I take full responsibility for my circumstances – now what do you need Katie to become who you truly are?’

When I asked that question, when I took responsibility (response ability) everything changed. I’ve spent the time since then creating space in my life to allow who I truly am to emerge from within. 

I also came to realize its the little things you do everyday that create who you are.  That’s where the 7 aspects of Sacred Space came from. They are everything I have learned and practiced that have had a dramatic effect on my life and as a result the lives of others as well.

Keep in mind the 7 aspects of Sacred Space are not steps, they are the whole of what Sacred Space is. So practicing one aspect will open all the other aspects as they all work together. 

The entire point of practicing Sacred Space is to allow more space for you to expand and grow as the person you are truly meant to be – who God/Source created you to be in the first place.

If you would like to begin a practice to cultivate Sacred Space in your own life schedule a discovery call with me! 


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