what is sacred space?

I used to believe that Sacred Space meant a small corner or room in the home that was dedicated to meditation and prayer.  However, Sacred literally means “Whole”.  After I found that out it didn’t make much sense to separate my Sacred Space from the rest of my life. 

What is Sacred Space? It’s laying a foundation for healing and empowerment

I discovered that without a solid foundation life is hard and traumatic. All this mess, this trauma, shows up in our homes, our minds, our jobs, our bodies, our relationships and our spiritual connection.

Most of us overlook the value that our homes have in our lives.

We treat our homes as just a space for sleeping, eating and storage and as a result they give back exactly what we put into them. 

Think about it like this: You cannot heal from heartbreak if you keep reminders of that heartbreak everywhere you look.

You cannot heal from stress & anxiety if your closets, cupboards, etc. are full of either stressful items or brimming over with so many things you feel overwhelmed every time you enter the room.

In order to heal we have to feel safe and keeping things in our homes that take away from our safety and add to our stress dis-empowers us in every area of our lives.

This is probably the biggest lesson I learned when I lost everything I owned. While it was a super painful experience it also set me free and helped me create an intentional environment where I started surrounding myself with things I loved and held sacred.

PracticingSacred Space

Its the little things you do everyday that create who you are.  (I think this is a quote, not sure who said it but someone did, lol)

Either way its true!

Healing, practicing sacred space, cleaning up our lives or whatever doesn’t have to be complicated.

It can be simple and enjoyable.

It’s about self-connection. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally and creating a life where you feel empowered to make your desires come true.

I always have all my clients start with small acts in the home. The home is where you lay the foundation for healing. Your home doesn’t have to look like its out of a magazine to be sacred (trust me mine doesn’t). The main point is to feel safe and supported within the home. To remove all stressors, things that make you feel bad, and to develop a routine of self-care (care for the self starting within the home).

After that its a matter of moving into what you value, creating a belief system you love and living your life from that intentional, heart-centered place.

Healing happens when these pieces move into place.

If you would like to begin a practice to cultivate Sacred Space in your life schedule a free session with me!