what is sacred space?

I used to believe that Sacred Space meant a small corner or room in the home that was dedicated to meditation and prayer.  However, Sacred literally means “Whole”.  After I found that out it didn’t make much sense to separate my Sacred Space from the rest of my life. 

What is Sacred Space? It’s a daily practice rooted in conscious intention.

I discovered that without a solid foundation life gets messy and starts to feel out of control. All this mess shows up in our homes, our jobs, our bodies, our relationships and our spiritual connection.

Keeping a conscious intention of how you want to feel in every area of your life will save you from chaos and self-destruction.

Intention creates Sacred Space – it gives you room to breathe and allows good to flow into your life.

It’s as simple as making a statement to yourself at the beginning and the end of the day or holding a word in your thoughts that you want to connect with.

We all know deep inside HOW we want to feel its just a matter of making a connection with that and holding space for it to start manifesting in our lives.


PracticingSacred Space

 Its the little things you do everyday that create who you are.  The best way to practice Sacred Space is to ask yourself how you want to feel and write down everything that comes up. From there pick the one word that really hits you – that makes you feel alive! 

It might be Connected, Loved, Blissful, Joyful – the possibilities are endless. Whatever feeling you want to embrace the most right now in this moment is the one you choose. This is your intention.

From there ask yourself how you can feel more of this intention and listen for the answers. Remember its the small things you do everyday that start making the most impact in your life.

If getting organized would make you feel safe, then put a plan in motion to make that happen!

If eating more slowly and mindfully would bring you more joy than put a reminder on your phone at lunchtime to slow down and enjoy your food!

If meditating every morning for 15 minutes would make you feel more connected than add it to your schedule.

This is what creating a life you love looks like!

If you would like to begin a practice to cultivate Sacred Space in your life schedule a call with me!