What Happens When You Commit?

Have you ever noticed that when you make a commitment to something or someone life throws you a whole bunch of challenges around this commitment?

I have always struggled with commitment and understanding what it really meant. It felt like an imprisoning term, something that held me back and kept me limited. And every time I did commit to something its like it ended up blowing up in my face each and every time!

However, I have learned that commitment is something that can greatly enhance our life. It can help us prove to ourselves that we are strong and that we TRULY BELIEVE in whatever we feel a desire to commit to. It creates integrity, character and inner strength!

The issue arises when we make a commitment and then we feel like it was the wrong thing to commit to because a whole bunch of challenges suddenly seem to be standing in our way! We often feel like we are being tested or like we are simply cursed. And often we give up on our commitment believing it wasn’t the right thing to do because of all these issues that came out of nowhere when we chose to commit!

I’m here to tell you right now – DO NOT GIVE UP!


The Universe is just asking you a question all you need to do is respond.

Check out this episode where I discuss exactly what happens when we commit and how to maneuver the challenges that pop up when we do commit!


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