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Deep Sleep Meditation & Self Love Sound Bath

Deep Sleep Meditation

Listen to this relaxing and soothing deep sleep meditation every night before bed! (***Use headphones for the best experience!)

I’ve included affirmations of self love, binaural beats for deeper rest and relaxation plus sounds to help you visualize yourself in the most relaxing environment possible.

I created this meditation because I was unhappy with most of the guided sleep meditations out there. This one worked so well for me I had to share it!

You can listen to it on YouTube HERE or purchase the MP3 so you have easy access to it on your phone.

Price: $2.22


The Mommy's Guide to an Organized Home

If you want to get organized this year this is the book for you!

This book is a quick read with simple tools that will teach you to easily declutter, organize and design your home into a sacred space that is nourishing and supportive.

Ready to start the new year off with a home that actually supports all your goals? 

Get the book on Amazon now!

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