I offer both local services in the Arlington, TX area and Online Coaching services! Each service I offer is focused on how to create sacred space for emotional healing and empowerment after heartbreak, trauma, loss or divorce.
I specialize in working with women who are in need of heart healing and feel like victims in their love lives.
My main focus is to give you the tools you need to heal your heart and manifest true love into your life. 
My goal is to help you heal your heart and teach you to create sacred space in your life so you can feel safe, get to know who you are, heal your toxic relationship patterns and manifest your soulmate!
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Local Services

I offer Feng Shui based home services specifically for women who have experienced heartbreak, loss or emotional trauma. 

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Online Services

I offer online services focused on helping you heal emotional trauma and empower yourself so you can manifest true love in the form of your soulmate!

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Online Courses

This spring I will be offering online courses. 

These courses are for the woman that has a deep desire to heal her heart and claim true love in her life but may not be quite ready to work 1-1 with a coach.

These courses offer you a path toward healing in the comfort of your own home and at an affordable price.

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