What’s eroding your Self-Confidence?

In today’s episode I discuss the one super simple thing we all do that erodes our self-confidence.

I changed this in my own life and have so much more confidence and less social anxiety! I find it so interesting that the simplest things we do in every day life are what have the biggest impact on who we are and how we show up in the world.

Confidence typically comes from doing something over and over until we are good at it. In other words self-confidence is directly related to practice.

But did you know that the level of trust you have in yourself determines the exact level of confidence you will have in yourself as well?

Yea! I didn’t know that either and it was a HUGE game changer for me!

Listen in to find out:

  • The one thing that is causing you low self esteem and eroding your confidence
  • Why trusting yourself matters and the ONE thing you can do to build self-trust
  • How to go from ZERO confidence to BADASS quicker than you can imagine

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