Sacred space for heart healing
February 25, 2019 Katie 0 Comments

In this episode I discuss how to create sacred space for heart healing. Specifically doing this in your bedroom or any space in your home where you can be alone and allow yourself to feel safe.

We can use our homes to create an environment of healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, etc. Our homes are a place where we should feel safe but what many of us are not aware of is that we actually do not feel safe in our homes, at all. This subconscious dis-connection from our homes furthers our trauma and anxiety, especially after a traumatic event.

In order to heal and release stuck emotions we must have a strong foundation and an area where we feel safe enough to express ourselves, our hurt, our pain and our joy! 

In today’s episode I break down how to do this and how to create a safe and nourishing space in your home so that you can release stuck emotions and begin to create a life where you feel freedom, happiness and love.

Talking about how to create sacred space for heart healing is one of my fave things to talk about and I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you enjoy this episode and if you want more be sure to subscribe to my podcast and join waiting list for the Masterclass replay here:

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