Experience Peace...

I work exclusively with women who have experienced emotional trauma, loss or heartbreak.
I help you create sacred space in your environment so you can fully begin your healing process.
A calm, safe space is truly the catalyst to providing you the peace of mind necessary to heal your heart and begin again after tragedy or trauma.
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Without a safe space to heal, healing won't happen

Home Organizing in Canton GA
I use a combination of Feng Shui, de-cluttering and organizing techniques to help you create an environment where you feel safe and comforted.
I used these very same techniques in my own healing process after I experienced extreme loss and tragedy. This work is important to my heart because I know what it’s like to feel alone, heartbroken and unsafe – especially after emotional trauma.
I understand how emotional and fearful life can become when you have a broken heart.
If you have questions please feel free to call me for more information or to schedule a free consultation.
Below are my pricing options and a short description of what you can expect. During your free consult we will cover your options more in-depth.

What is Modern Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of placement. It is rooted in creating sacred space in the home so that you begin to experience more joy, healthier relationships and increased energy.

We do this by creating flow within your environment and removing items that cause you pain, stress or remind you of trauma.

This is a very gentle process and nothing is required of you other than your dedication to your own healing. 

What we do on the outside affects how we feel on the inside.

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Home Organization

Creating a healing environment requires a bit of organizing and de-cluttering. 

When all we see when we look around us is mess & chaos it shuts down our nervous system and causes us to shut down emotionally and mentally. It puts us into fear mode which increases our stress levels and compounds our trauma.

In order to heal, we must feel safe, that is why I strongly believe in the power of having a home that offers us comfort and peace and this is the first step toward creating that.

Lifestyle & Schedule

One of the greatest needs we can experience after loss or heartbreak is the need to feel safe.

Outside of having a home that offers you peace (and therefore a feeling of security) I also help you create boundaries and a healthy routine for yourself that encourages healing, stress-reduction and spiritual connection.


Home Organizing in Canton GA Services and Pricing
For more info please schedule a free consultation so we can discuss which option is right for you.

Package #1

5 hours broken down into 4 sessions (1.25 hrs each)  


This package is perfect for you if you just want to step in to your healing process slowly and you feel a little apprehensive about organizing/de-cluttering your home.


4 sessions of gentle guided coaching toward creating a peaceful home (Canton GA, Woodstock, Holly Springs & Ballground incl.) (total of 5 hours)

Moving of items/rearranging for flow (excludes Large/Heavy items I am unable to move on my own)

Action plan with suggestions for items you may need to purchase

Price: $400

Package #2

20 hours broken down into 8 sessions (2.5 hrs each)

This package is perfect for you if you are ready to create a peaceful environment that truly allows you to heal and move toward a lifestyle you deserve and that feels whole. This package includes organizing, de-cluttering and arranging the items in your home according to my Feng Shui principles.


Feng Shui & Home Organizing in Canton GA (Woodstock, Ballground and Holly Springs incl.)  (total of 20 hours)

One-on-One Coaching

Shopping for necessary items (reimbursement for actual items required)

Donation of items to local charity (excludes Large/Heavy items)

Price: $1700

Package #3

20 hours broken down into 8 sessions (2.5 hrs each)

plus 5 hours of lifestyle and schedule coaching (5 – 1 hour sessions)


This package combines creating sacred space in your home and lifestyle coaching so you can create boundaries, routines for self-care, exercise or meditation in order to support and facilitate your healing process.
This is my most comprehensive and highly RECOMMENDED PACKAGE


Home Organizing/Feng Shui plus Lifestyle Coaching in Canton GA (Woodstock, Ballground and Holly Springs incl.)  (total of 25 hours)

Action Plan with tangible schedule customized to your needs

30 Days of email support  – to make sure you have the support you need

Price: $2200

If you are looking for a coach and home organizer who understands what you are going through and what you need and would like more information on how I can assist you contact me at 719-415-6032. I look forward to speaking with you!

Not quite ready to hire me but want to start somewhere?

Grab a copy of my book! “The Mommy’s Guide to an Organized Home” If you want to get started on creating a healing environment – this is where you start!

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