A Sacred Space Podcast

Welcome to A Sacred Space Podcast!

I am so excited to have finally launched this super fun podcast!

I have been recording episodes for a couple of weeks now (prior to loading them live) and I have like way too much fun talking into my phone recorder!

Anyway my intention with this podcast is to share with you the TRUTH – the truth that heals – and that is that you are already Whole and Complete exactly as you are!

But, what does that really mean? 

And what does that look like in everyday life?

How can I fully realize that I am whole and start living from that place?

These are the questions I answer in depth on the podcast!

I am keeping the episodes SHORT & SWEET!

What you will learn on the podcast is:

  • How to recognize your own wholeness right now without “doing” anything
  • How to practice living a whole lifestyle that brings you joy regardless of your current circumstances
  • How to organize your home, love your body and connect with your Soul!

Join me for lots of fun and some amazing inspiration that will jumpstart your creativity, your passion and your joy for LIFE!


A Sacred Space Podcast with Katie

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