Overcoming Trauma with Stasea Buettner
June 10, 2019 Katie 0 Comments

In today’s episode I speak with Stasea Buettner about overcoming trauma – specifically childhood trauma.

Stasea discusses a deep trauma she experienced as a child and how she reacted to this trauma by emotionally eating to protect herself and make herself feel safe. She also shared with me how she is healing this deep wound and all that she’s learned about why we emotionally eat, and the different ways we learn to cope as children to trauma and fear.

This is a beautiful story about a very strong woman who is now living in her purpose and teaching other women how to heal their emotional traumas especially around food.

For those of you who have experienced deep wounds in your childhood this is the episode you will want to listen in on. Stasea is honest, vulnerable and shares amazing tools she uses to heal and help other women heal as well.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why we turn to food (and other comforts) for safety and protection
  • What we really need to heal
  • Our favorite tools for overcoming trauma (especially childhood wounds)
  • How to face your shame and learn what it’s trying to tell you
  • Why connection is key to our healing


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About Stasea…

Overcoming Trauma with Stasea BuettnerHey, My name is Stasea Buettner and I am a Spiritual Life and Mindset coach helping women heal their emotional eating and feel empowered again through God and fitness. I am a military veteran and military spouse. We have 2 young daughters who are our world. I aim to help women feel confident in their bodies again and not compare themselves to others but to love themselves again.

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