creating sacred space and overcoming trauma
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Creating Sacred Space is simple. It’s about the whole not just creating a special place that you can meditate or pray in but rather using simple techniques and practices that make you feel whole and joyful.

I specialize in working with clients who are overcoming trauma. I sort of just fell into that. Maybe its because that’s my purpose or because its something I know so well because of all my own life changes, I don’t know. But I do know that I have built my life around understanding what it takes to alleviate suffering and for me that’s creating Sacred Space.

What that means is simply offering yourself support. Most often I teach people to do this within their homes. But I also know that means supporting our minds and meeting our thoughts and emotions with understanding and loving kindness.

Recently, I worked with a client who had gone through a divorce and was now a single dad.  His home didn’t feel like home at all and he hated being there.  He wanted a fresh start and he wanted to feel empowered.

I helped him by offering my support but in the end he made all the decisions. He knew what he wanted to do he just needed the help getting there. He needed someone available and who understood what he was experiencing so that he could find the strength in himself to start moving forward.

I learned so much working with this client. I always find that my clients often help me just as much as I help them. I also realized that its so lovely to watch transformation happen and to be there, available to someone while they are going through it because it transforms me too.  I get so much out of this and I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years about moving through trauma by creating Sacred Space.

Trauma comes in many different forms and its more based on feeling than it is circumstance. Many people can move through really hard and tough situations without suffering from trauma while others can’t. So no matter what you’ve been through if you find yourself feeling sad, lonely, unhappy, or even angry chances are you are moving through something tough and you need to give yourself time and space to get through it.

So how do you do that?

Here are 5 ways for overcoming trauma by creating Sacred Space:

1. Recognize that you need support.

Often, especially when we are going through a really tough time, our natural response is to isolate ourselves. Most of my clients take a year or more before they are ready to reach out and ask for help. Taking time to grieve is necessary and the time that takes varies from person to person. But during that process, and when we are ready to move forward, we need support. Whether that is from a family member, a life coach, a friend, or in my case a professional organizer, it doesn’t really matter – what matters is that you get the support you need to move through what you are going through.

2. Your home matters.

Here’s why – if you don’t have a place that you can go to for refuge you will suffer even further.  Our homes are extensions of us. They can bring us comfort or they can feel like a prison. How they feel and how they support us is up to us! We are in control of our environment and we want to feel supported while we are working through overcoming trauma and moving through change.

Making changes within the home brings about change within us too. Our insides reflect our outsides and vice versa. When we choose to start creating sacred space via a more supportive environment with attention and intention we start to feel more supported and comforted on the inside too. That means our minds and all our running thoughts calm down. Our strong emotions stop overtaking us and we start to feel better.

3. Be willing to let go.

Once you have grieved over your loss, change, heartache, etc. there comes a certain point when your soul will ask you to let go. For instance, if you went through a divorce and you feel you are ready to move forward but you have all the furniture, mementos and reminders of your marriage still living in your house how can you expect yourself to be able to move on? You can’t! That would be asking way too much of yourself.

Things carry energy; everything is energy and if you are holding on to things you bought with your spouse or that have strong memories for you, the truth is you will never be able to move on. Those items represent the person, or pain, or trauma and looking at them day after day keeps you locked into your emotions.

Letting go, means we are ready for new things. We are ready to let go of the past and that means everything that reminds us of the past. I have a ritual, every time I experience a major change (like when I went through my own divorce) I grieve and then I purge.

I get rid of everything that makes me feel sad, reminds me of things that hurt, etc. I sell it, donate it, toss it. Then I feel sooo much better, like TONS better! This is therapy. This is honoring yourself enough to say “I am ready to let go, I am ready to look forward, I am ready to heal.”

4. Make your home a haven.

Once we have purged and cleared and de-cluttered, now we can focus on making our home a haven, somewhere we want to be, a place we experience comfort. This can be super simple or elaborate. It’s all up to you. Ask yourself what would be bring me comfort? Would new paint make me feel happier? Would a hot tub help me relax? Would cooking a new fancy meal each week make me feel healthier and more connected?

Ask yourself what would bring you comfort in your home each day. Maybe its as simple as a new morning routine or spiritual practice. Or making your bed every morning (trust me this alone does wonders!). I know for me its usually simple changes, but for some of my clients they want to go BIG! I’m down for all of it – what’s important is that you feel at home in your home, that comfort exists there, that joy exists there. But most important that you feel totally supported while you are going through the process of overcoming trauma.

5. Be Intentional

Intention is everything. Being aware of what our intentions are is the key. So when you are overcoming trauma or moving through change, tune in to your intention. Is your intention to move through this change peacefully? Is your intention to discover more of yourself? Is your intention to experience more love and connection in your life? Create an intention and pay attention to it everyday.

When we have an intention that gives us something to live for. It creates space in our minds for what we are really doing here and what we want to accomplish. This can make the entire difference between becoming fully depressed or creating a life we truly want to be living in. Intention gives us purpose. It may seem simple but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Get my checklist for Creating Sacred Space in the Home HERE!

Let me know what you think in the comments below – how do you move through change? What’s your process for dealing with trauma?



Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA

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