Bathroom Organization-Organize Your Bathroom
January 9, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

Bathroom organization can be really fun and it’s a lot less maintenance to organize your bathroom than the kitchen for sure!

Your bathroom is space that can be filled with compassion and nourishment.  It’s also a great place to visualize your dreams (you know, during a nice warm bath or shower).

Bathroom organization is important because this is the space where we bathe our kids, take physical care of ourselves, and show ourselves love. To me the bathroom represents beauty, self-care and compassion.

That’s why its ultra important to keep the energy in your bathroom alive and fresh in order to create a space you really love to relax in. So, of course that’s where some good old-fashioned bathroom organization comes in!

I will have a video up for you soon on the “Emotional Elements” you can create in your bathroom and be sure to follow my board on Pinterest for some more ideas!

Ok let’s get to it!

Here are some quick ways to organize your bathroom and make it pretty.

1 – First things first!

Declutter your bathroom; go through all the cupboards and drawers and get rid of anything that is expired, you don’t use regularly or you don’t love. You will be surprised how much you toss out and how much room you have left over!

2 – Grouping Items

Once you have rid yourself of all that old stuff you didn’t like anyway, then create groups of “like items”. So in a drawer you could have all your band-aids, medical tape, first-aid stuff. In another drawer you could keep toothpaste, floss, etc.

3 – Cabinets & Cupboards

In your cupboards its helpful to have shelving units or little drawers you can use to organize your beauty products, medicines, nail polish. If you don’t have a linen closet you can make enough room using shelves to place an extra set of towels. (Click Here for some shopping ideas).

4 – For the Kiddos

Use little shower caddies for the kids so they have everything they need in one spot. You can pick these up at the Dollar Tree and they come in a variety of colors. They store easily and are perfect for keeping your kids organized! (Check them out here).

5 – Storage Ideas

Another idea I love is having a pretty basket (or cart) next to the toilet that will easily store your extra toilet paper, feminine products, etc. (Check out these cute ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond) **Hint: You can also find these and other really pretty baskets at The Dollar General and Target!

Remember the most important thing is how your bathroom feels to you.

You can Organize your bathroom all day but if it doesn’t feel good there’s no point!

Bathroom organization isn’t not really about how organized it is, but how functional it is and that when you walk into it you feel good…You feel compassion (toward yourself & others), and you feel beautiful and nourished. It’s a space that should inspire you toward self-care and new dreams and ideas!

Want to create a bathroom that feels nurturing and supports self-care? Work with me! Click here to schedule a call!!


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