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The "I Am Heart Healing" Course

This course is an online course designed to fit into the budget of the woman who wants to heal her broken heart and open the doors to TRUE soulmate love and connection.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify the patterns and cycles that have kept you stuck in toxic and often traumatic relationships
  • How to heal your emotions of shame, grief and anger that occur after being cheated on, lied to or abused
  • How to define what sacred connection with another looks like to you so that you can call it into your life
  • What it takes to create a foundation for yourself that will give you lasting love and real connection

The details...

This is a 21 day course. Each day you will receive a short video and writing exercise designed to take you through the exact healing process I used to heal my heart and open myself up to true love.

This course will be available late Spring of 2019! Sign up EARLY to get exclusive discounts and bonuses!