modern feng shui

Feng Shui is the art of placement.
In Feng Shui we open up the home in order to open up to more of life! By focusing on certain areas of your home and how you place your furniture, what you keep in your closets, etc. you really can enhance all areas of your life including (but not limited to): Money, Relationships, Health, Happiness and more!
If you feel stuck in life or you hate coming home to your house – modern Feng Shui might be just the thing you need to get your life flowing in the right direction.
I practice what I call “Modern Feng Shui”. 
For many years I studied and practiced traditional Feng Shui. However, I found that many of the practices are overly complicated and exhausting and I wanted a simpler and equally effective alternative.
That’s when I discovered creating Sacred Space in the whole home and how each room of the home represents some part of our life! I even wrote a fun little book with many of my unique practices which you can find HERE.
What I discovered was that setting an intention for how we want to feel in our home and in each room of our home not only connects us to our home on a deeper level but it connects us to life on a deeper level.
We start experiencing the things we want; more money, that new romantic relationship, better existing relationships, even joy, fun and spontaneity.
I combine traditional Feng Shui practices with my modern take on using intention (rather than a bagua) and it has had powerful and amazing affects!
I invite you to try it out. Give me a call or schedule your initial consultation below.