Meditation for Joy
February 28, 2018 Katie 0 Comments

Meditation has some pretty magical benefits. I know for me it has become an integral part of my life. I first started doing it right after my daughter was born; I was having these awful panic attacks and one night I was right in the middle of one and my body just screamed (literally) at me to meditate. So I pulled up a random Buddhist meditation on YouTube and immediately my panic attack stopped and I haven’t had one since!!

On top of that I notice some pretty cool things come from meditation that most people aren’t really talking about so here are a few ways meditation has improved my life and the lives of people I know:

  • More Joy – being grounded and centered within your soul causes JOY! I think this occurs from having more present moment awareness which can often lead to gratitude and gratitude always incurs joy – they are like best friends. Where one is the other is sure to show up!


  • Higher levels of Creativity – I know for myself the more consistent I am in my meditation practice the more creative inspiration strikes. This alone is cause for me to meditate daily as I am in love with the feeling being creative gives me!


  • Patience! This is a big one, I tend to be very impatient in my thinking. Meditating creates a peace within that really helps strengthen my awareness around patience and it has major benefits for my life and my daughters life.


  • Things you thought were problems either resolve themselves or completely go away! This has happened to me more than once and to several others I know. This is so fun. Its like when you tap into that beautiful Divine presence within things happen, big things and little things. It can be amazing when you feel like you have a huge issue and you take it into meditation and BAMMM a few hours later or the next day the issue doesn’t exist anymore!

Below is a meditation for joy – I have been using this one lately and I found that it’s useful for anything in your life that is taking away from your joy. It could be something small and frustrating like a computer issue. Or it could be something big and painful like a relationship issue. Whatever it is you can use this meditation to create space around the issue.

Creating space around our problems is a way of surrendering them to God so that the Divine can help us see it differently and/or provide assistance.

This works so well and I am so excited to share it with you!

A Meditation for Joy

First go to a space where you feel comfortable and won’t be disturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Next start breathing – in through the nose and out through the nose.

Become aware of your breath where you feel it most, taking long deep breaths (especially if you are feeling super frustrated).

Stay with the breath for a few moments.

Envision the issue you are dealing with and be willing to feel the feelings you have around it.

Take a few more breaths allowing your breath to assist you in releasing the strength of the feelings you have around this issue.

Next see an image or feel how you want the ultimate outcome to actually be. Allow yourself to feel how you would feel if this issue was resolved. Hold on to that feeling and then say out loud:

“I recognize that I am currently struggling with _____________. I am here to create sacred space around this issue. I give space to this issue and I ask you (God, Universe, Angels) to intervene here and guide me toward the Truth. For this I am so grateful and so it is.”

Breathe in and out slowly. Keep the feeling as if this issue is already resolved and when you are ready open your eyes.

At the very least you will feel 400X better!

After trying this meditation for joy be sure to email me and let me know what happened afterward! The outcome may take time to manifest so hold on to the feeling and repeat this meditation every time you feel yourself sliding back into panic, judgement or self-doubt.


Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA


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