lifestyle services in arlington tx

Below you will find my current lifestyle services in Arlington TX and availability as well as pricing. 
Please note that availability is subject to change and the best way to find out what I currently have available is to schedule a consult with me.  You can do that by clicking on the links below for the service you are interested in!
I look forward to working with you!

Modern Feng Shui for the Home

I teach you how to create sacred space in your home to facilitate healing and build a foundation of trust, love and support in your life. 

I use a blend of Feng Shui and Sacred Space techniques that will help you create a home that feels like home. A space that is supportive, nurturing and healing for you and your entire family.

Sacred Soul Life Coaching

Heal emotional trauma and empower yourself and your relationships.

Discover how to get in touch with yourself so that you can heal your past and create TRUE love and trust in your life.  Start experiencing deep, unconditional love, support & healing today…