life's big problems and adulting
October 5, 2018 Katie 0 Comments

Do you get overwhelmed by life? All the things we have to do, places we have to go, school supplies we have to buy, groceries, car registrations, filling up the gas tank – you name it! These might all seem like trivial things (and obviously not life’s biggest problems) but these things can really add up.

All the things we have to do and all the pressure that comes with “Adulting” can cause major overwhelm and chaos in our lives.

It happens to me ALL the time!

So in this episode I talk about Lifes Big and Small problems and what we can do to deal with all the pressure, overwhelm and chaos that inevitably happens from time to time. Plus how we can embrace “Adulting” and actually have fun instead of it feeling like this HUGE overwhelming state of mind.

Listen In and Learn:

*Why we get overwhelmed

*What we can do and how we can align spiritually when we feel pressure and overburdened by life’s responsibilities

*The lie we are believing that causes our small problems to turn into big ones!



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