Create Unconditional Love

Are you constantly stressed and anxious?
Are you craving joy, connection and simplicity?

What if…

You were able to create space in your life for what matters to you most
You stopped feeling guilty every time you wanted a few minutes to yourself
You lived a life full of unconditional love, connection and relaxation!
Sacred Soul Life Coaching in Canton GA
Aren’t you tired of living a life filled with stress and anxiety? Meeting everyone else’s needs but never your own?
I’m guessing if you are here reading this you feel stuck, disconnected and ready to either throw in the towel or make a HUGE change! You might even be wondering if your life will feel this CHAOTIC FOREVER!
You’re here because you are willing to ask for help. There is a voice inside of you that is telling you something has to change in your life.
There are no accidents. You’re here, reading this right now, for a reason!
You’re ready to feel supported, nourished, to feel some sense of order, balance and harmony. To discover yourself and what your own needs and wants are so that you can live a joyful life that FEELS GOOD.
You’re ready to step into you who TRULY are and heal your life!

So what makes me the expert?

A little over 3 years ago I felt lonely, miserable and like my life was a complete mess.

I was literally at rock bottom.

I knew I had to make a change and it had to happen right away.

So I took control of my home, my body, my mind and my soul. I made a decision to change everything and take responsibility for where I was at.

I created a vision of who I KNEW I was and started living that out in my life.

I discovered what I wanted, what I needed and most importantly what I VALUED!

You can do the same thing! You can create time in your busy schedule for YOU.

You can discover what your needs are and start making that a priority AND you can experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from everyone in your life and in every area of your life!

My life coaching program offers you a way to look at life differently and start experiencing love and connection through a simple and holistic practice.

Welcome to A Sacred Soul Life Coaching

I will teach you the fundamentals of self-care and how caring for ourselves first creates more space in our lives for real LOVE and CONNECTION.
I understand that life can throw huge challenges your way and I totally get how easy it is to become stressed out, have ZERO energy and feel like you are losing connection and time with your children with every day that passes.
I want you to know that you can embrace your circumstances and still create joy in your life. You can create time for your kids AND you can create time for yourself, no matter how overwhelmed you feel right now! You are your own HERO and I can show you exactly how to tap into that every single day!

While working with me you will discover:

How to create time for Self-Care
What Unconditional Love truly is and how to manifest it in every area of your life
Why creating space in our homes and minds is so important and how to do it
How to take care of your body inside and out in a way that works for you and your current schedule
How to achieve your goals in a supported and simple way
How to create deep connection with your children and your loved ones.
The tools you need to eliminate overwhelm, stress and anxiety
How to love and accept yourself exactly as you are now so you can discover who you TRULY are!

Pricing and Coaching Outline

for Sacred Soul Life Coaching in Canton GA

I currently offer a 7 week program designed to transform the following areas of your life:

Creating time in your busy schedule for self-care and connection
Reducing overwhelm, loneliness and anxiety
Choosing routines that create space in your life for yourself and your children
Creating a vision of yourself, discovering your wants, needs and values
Building a foundation for Unconditional Love in every area of your life (including your partnership – even if you are currently single!)

What you will discover each week:

Each week consists of:

  • A weekly in-home coaching session

  • Email support in between sessions

  • Action plan and home play for the week

You also receive:

  • A free copy of my book “The Mommy’s Guide to an Organized Home”

  • Access to all of my digital content

  • Access to the Freebie Library but with the option of customizing any printable I offer to your specific needs

Week 1

Discover how to create space and time for self-care

During this week we will cover:

  • Why caring for your home is an important act of self-care

  • How stagnation in the home shows up in your love-life, your level of prosperity and your health

  • Why your home is your foundation and how to create space in your home so you can start taking care of yourself

  • How to end your stress and anxiety for good!

Week 2

During this week we will cover:

  • The principles of Feng Shui and how to create FLOW in your home

  • We will look at areas of your life that are being affected by lack and stagnation such as: Wealth, Health, Relationships, Creativity, and more.

  • We will discuss how to create space in your home and your life for connection not just with your family but with yourself as well

  • We will work together to create a plan of action to create your home into a supportive and nurturing environment one step at a time

Week 3

Discover a new level of health and vitality!

During this week we will cover:

  • Why most people totally misunderstand what it means to “eat healthy”

  • We will go over what you like to eat and discuss areas that you struggle with in your health, vitality and energy

  • What it means to be “health conscious” and eat mindfully

  • What self-care truly is and the #1 thing you can do to boost your energy and vitality right away

Week 4

During this week we will cover:

  • Creating a health plan for you and your children that works for you and your personal tastes and needs

  • Why “cookie cutter” health plans don’t work and what you need to stay aware of what works for you and what doesn’t

  • Creating a self-care plan that allows you to create time for yourself within your busy schedule and start experiencing higher energy levels, vitality and abundance.

Week 5

Discover new meaning and purpose in your life!

During this week we will cover:

  • How to discover the meaning in your life and rely on that daily

  • How to build a morning and evening routine that supports you throughout the day, every day

  • Discovering the areas you feel stuck and stagnant and working to open up these areas so they no longer affect your life negatively

  • Working with the areas of yourself you feel you cannot accept and showing you what true self-acceptance is and how it transforms your life

  • How to build a relationship with God that supports your belief system and builds true connection


Week 6

During this week we will cover:

  • Creating an action plan that is rooted in purpose and meaning for your daily life

  • Finalizing your practice for self-acceptance and support and ensuring that it’s working for you and that it’s flexible

  • Building your creative muscles so that you can have more fun and joy in your daily lifestyle

  • Discussing the benefits of prayer and meditation and how to incorporate these things into your daily routine for support and guidance

Week 7

Integration Time!

During this week we will cover:

  • How everything is working for you and what you are experiencing

  • Fine-tuning your plans in the areas we covered in the previous weeks

  • Guidance and support for going forward

“I’ve never been one to be interested in comfort. I figured if it was comfortable it was too easy, which meant that it wasn’t a challenge and not something that I needed to waste my time on. At the same time, I also thought that the only way to be recognized in life was by being punished with constant discomfort and loss, and that was the only reality that I deserved. 

As Katie and I began our discussions, I began to see the importance of comfort and how if I want others to be comfortable (which I always have), then I need to be comfortable as well. But I also realized that I was completely wrong in my assessment of it; that not only was I wrong about it being something that weak people pursue but also something that I didn’t deserve. Comfort is strength. Everyone deserves it including me. It’s a form of love that brings everyone together in a warm sense of unity. We all desire it and we all also desire it for each other. And when it is allowed to be given to yourself, a kind of freedom and strength come to the foreground that are beyond explanation. 

Since experiencing a life without comfort I can say now how impactful it has been for me to give up my pride and fear and to let myself feel at ease and comforted. It has changed my outlook on this life and how reality really can be kind, if I’m willing to let it be. Thank you Katie for helping me to see this new aspect to life that I had disregarded so determinedly but that is 100% necessary for growth and freedom. 

~ Christa A.

Total Investment for 7 Weeks of Coaching:


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