Law of Attraction
October 15, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

The Law of Attraction is a super hot topic. And everyone seems to have their own opinion on it. Obviously its a law of the Universe none of us can escape, just like Karma or Gravity.

Most teachers describe the Law of Attraction working on a vibrational level with our thoughts and feelings, and I totally believe this is true. However, I recently decided to get really clear on my beliefs. So many of my old belief systems, (some of which I was totally unaware of), have made their way to the surface and something pretty cool dawned on me. You know, like one of those really cool AHA moments!

Anyway, I realized, that thoughts and feelings are what eventually create our belief systems. Over and over we think the same thought which creates a feeling and then naturally from that process is born a belief system.

It is essentially our own belief systems, no matter how unaware of them we are, that attracts our life circumstances. I believe that this is because of our connection and relationship to everything that is. What we believe we become. We are constantly creating a relationship with ourselves through our belief systems and what we believe to be true about ourselves is mirrored in our lives.

This could be said for every aspect of our lives. Our beliefs around money define our relationship to money and therefore create/attract how money will show up into our lives, (or not).

Our beliefs around love define our relationship to love and whatever those beliefs are is how love will show up for us.

I like to think of the Law of Attraction as a giant and deep reflecting pool. Whatever beliefs we have may be on the surface or in the depths but when we are ready to examine them they bubble up reflecting themselves into our lives so we can seem them clearly.

This is why it is so important to define our beliefs, what we truly want to believe. When something reflects itself into our lives and we know it isn’t true to who we are this gives us a chance to look at the belief and then change it.

Part of this process involves a willingness to change and let go. If we can’t let go of our old beliefs our new beliefs never truly make their way in.

This is the part (the letting go) that I struggle with the most. I realized today that I wasn’t owning my new belief system, that I have spent years creating, because I still hadn’t fully let go of my old beliefs. So I spent some time today and wrote down every new belief I have created, to solidify and anchor it. I also have been saying the affirmation “It is safe for me to let go and embrace my Truth.”

Investigate your own Truth. Find out what the Truth is for you and how the Law of Attraction works for you. Then write it all down, or share some of it here!

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