judging your neighbor

Judging Your Neighbor and the Antidote to Separation

We have a major epidemic of looking-at-my-phoneitis and it keeps us all separate from each other with the illusion that we are really connecting. The truth is that we are using our phones and social media to give us the illusion of connection when really the people that need to connect with us the most are right in front of us!

I was faced with this awareness through a major moment of judging another parent at my daughter’s field day. Listen to the story and all the great lessons I learned from this moment of judgement.

Sometimes the smallest awareness can change how we look at our own lives completely and what we choose to do with them.  Life is a mirror and even our own judgement’s give us clues and reflect back to us exactly what we need to be aware of in the moment.

I love my daughter and I love spending time with her but I often put work and just general “busyness” over playing and spending time with her. Judging my neighbor helped me see that I really needed to look at this area and pay attention to things I can do to connect and engage more with the ones I love!

Listen in to find out:

*The antidote to separation

*Why judgement can be your friend and help you see things in your own life CLEAR AF

*How to connect with your loved ones in a real way

Enjoy Beauties!


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