joy and relaxation in your living room
February 14, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

Your living room is usually your main family room as well so creating an atmosphere that supports connection between you and your family is vital for a happy life!

You might also entertain here, play family games and watch TV here. That’s where Joy and Relaxation (plus a healthy dose of FUN) come in.

Watch the video below on how to create this Joyful space in just a few easy steps. Just in case you don’t feel like clicking the “play” button here are a few quick tips:

1 – Set Your Intention

When you create an intention of how you want to feel in a space it immediately gives you the motivation to organize and de-clutter that space. Plus it helps you KEEP it that way!

This is the most important part of creating anything – know how you want to FEEL.

For the Living/Family Room area I suggest creating your intentions around Joy, Connection, Fun and Relaxation. You don’t have to pick all of these as intentions (and I strongly suggest you don’t). Keep it simple and choose 1 or 2 that really stand out to you, that craving deep in your belly that says YES this is how I want to feel!

2 – Incorporate Family Oriented Items

In order to support feeling connected to your family in this space create a gallery wall (or small end table) of family photos, trips you have taken, school pictures, family fun, etc.

3 – Choose Colors Wisely

Actually, ask your kids! Choose colors that you all like as a family and throw those colors into this mix. This can be really simple – say your kids really like orange, you can easily plant some pretty orange pillows on the couch, or an orange throw or paint an accent wall!

It doesn’t have to be hard but this is super important for the connection factor. Colors are big for kids and they will want to spend more time with you if they feel apart of the space. By having them choose some of the colors in this area you are giving your kids a giant self-esteem boost and creating connection to them in this area.

For more great tips just click the video below!

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