joy over perfection

Joy over Perfection (and a good dose of Self-Acceptance)

I have always been a perfectionist and I thought I couldn’t be happy until everything was perfect. But I realized that perfection is the killer of joy and that we have to CHOOSE joy over perfection every time if we want to live whole and full lives.

I’ve also come to realize and accept that I will not be the very best version of myself every day. I will be cranky, tired and I will fall into old habits from time to time. And the greatest gift I have ever given myself was finally accepting this – accepting that I will never be my own grand idea of perfection, that I can choose JOY instead.

We can all choose Joy over Perfection and give ourselves love and grace – recognizing that we are already WHOLE no matter how cranky we are one day, or if we chose to stay in our P.J.’s all day the next.

Listen in as I discuss how we can choose Joy over Perfection and start accepting ourselves exactly how we are and live Happy Whole lives regardless of our circumstances!

I will cover:

  • How we can choose joy over perfection
  • Why it is vital we start to accept ourselves as we are NOW so we can move forward in life
  • How to empower yourself and move forward in life no matter WHERE you are at now


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