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February 21, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

When you walk into your mudroom how do you feel?

Does it feel inviting?

Is it bright, light and lovely in your entryway?

Or do you have tons of stuff strewn all over the floor?

Is it dark and less than inviting?

The Entryway, Foyer or Mudroom are all “first impression” areas.  This part of your home has great value. Not to mention, how you feel in this area of your home is how anyone else you invite into your home will feel too.

So today we are talking about how to create a fabulous first impression in the entrance of your home. The goal being that you, your family and your guests will all feel a GIANT Invitation of Love walking through your front door!

Watch the video below for a few quick tips

Be sure to check out my Pinterest which has some awesome DIY ideas for even the smallest entryway!

The mudroom or entry of your home can be a great place to get organized. The beauty is that the more organized you are in this area of your home, the more organized you will be in the rest of your home as a result.

Consider setting up a command center here, or even putting some great shelving into the coat closet. You can even add some lovely seating that can double as storage.

The more you love walking through the front door the more you will love your home as a whole.

How have you setup your mudroom or entryway? I would love to know in the comments and feel free to ask questions as well!

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Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA


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