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I created this section to share all of the things I have used over the years to create a good life – not a perfect life but a life I feel at home in.

Here are all the eBooks, checklists and printables that I personally use or got yummy benefits from over the past couple of years.

I am always adding to this and if you choose to download something and signup on my list please know that the only time I will email you is when I have something new that just came out and I’m pretty sure you want it!

If there is a checklist, download or free printables you would like to see on this page just shoot me a quick email and let me know where you struggle with your home, health or spiritual practice!


Checklists and Free Printables...

Prosperity Budget Packet

Free Printables with a different Prosperity Affirmation on each one! Includes 4 beautifully designed sheets:

Weekly Budget Sheet

Bill Pay Tracker Sheet

Monthly Budget Sheet

Balance Sheet

Event Planning Packet

Planning the perfect event or party? 

This Holiday Planning Packet will make you the star hostess (or host) of your next get together!


Event Timeline Sheet

Menu Planning Sheet

Guest List Sheet

Clean & Organized!

Make it super simple to whip your home into shape!

This printable PDF focuses on taking bite-sized pieces out of organizing and de-cluttering your home!


Example Schedule/Checklist

Daily Checklist focused on 15 min. sessions

If you would rather go it alone than hire a Professional this will make it super easy!

Everything you need for Moving!

Fixin’ to Move?

Grab this totally inclusive Moving Checklist inspired by all the moving I have done across the country!

This PDF includes:

Checklist prior to listing your home

Checklist for Weeks 1-3 once home is under contract

Final Day Checklist 

Blank Checklist for everything else!


Creating Sacred Space in the Home

This isn’t just about a small area of your home that you deem as sacred – this checklist is all about honoring your whole home!

Its super simple – just 1 page with everything you need to start feeling more comfort and support within every area of your home.

If you need help getting organized or connecting with your home just shoot me an email! I am always here to help.



Free eBooks...

Little Book of Affirmations

This is a collection of affirmations that I have used for years initially with the intention to change my thinking toward myself and others. It worked like a charm but eventually I found that intention really is everything and trying to “change” myself is very limited and almost always painful.

I eventually discovered that we are all already whole and rather than trying to change my surface personality I changed my intention instead. My new intention while using affirmations and other similar practices to is to awaken to the Truth of who I am and to make welcome into my life all that exists within me. 

For me this is the true purpose of all “self-help” to really open ourselves up to whats already inside of us!

Have fun reading this little book and if you are new to affirmations this is the perfect place to start!

All my love!

22 Ways to Vibrate Higher

I’ve learned there will always be ups and downs in life and its sortof like riding a roller coaster, and sometimes its exciting and other times you get sick and just want to get off!

No matter what life throws at us there are always little things we can do to put ourselves in a state of peace.

This is a collection of really fun self-care techniques that are sure to get you out of any funk!

Enjoy! If you need more guidance on getting out of a state of stagnancy or feeling low just shoot me an email for a little chat!

All my love!


Little Book of Morning Prayers

Transform your mornings with powerful prayers!

This collection of prayers is designed to help you heal, grow spiritually and connect with yourself on a deeper level.

If you want to your morning routine to the next level and experience peace and self-connection all day long than this book will help you do just that!

There is a prayer, affirmation and mantra for each day of the week. Plus a collection of additional prayers that I created like my Mercury Retrograde prayer and my Kundalini prayer!

Try these prayers for 21 days and start living a life of connection and empowerment!

All my love!


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