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Health Consciousness – Health is not in the body

Have you ever heard the old cliche “without your health you have nothing.” ?

This statement has been a driving force in my life for many years. I strongly believed that because I was sick all the time that meant I didn’t have anything and essentially I was nothing.

I have been super sick with one thing or another since I was a little kid and as I got older it really bothered me. It made me feel betrayed by my body and it depleted my self-worth greatly. However it did SERVE me – because of my chronic health problems I invested the last 12 years of my life toward learning everything I could about Holistic Health, organic diets and eventually Energy Medicine.

It has only been recently that I realized this belief I had around health being EVERYTHING  was a complete and total lie. The Truth is that true health is in our consciousness. It is in the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel and the actions that derive from our consistent state of consciousness.

Health Consciousness is where our true Power is and that is where our level of health is determined.

The bottom line is you can take all the medicine, eat all the organic foods and if your mind isn’t right all that work will be for nothing.

Listen in as I dive deep into my experience with this and what I learned along the way!

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