expansion - get unstuck

How to get unstuck and start Receiving from life!

Ever notice how we seem to attract the same situations over and over? The same people, the same problems, etc. and then we start to feel stuck, we start to contract, and we isolate ourselves and want to escape our lives!

Guess what! There is a very simple answer to this – why its happening and how to stop it from happening for good! There is one simple thing you can do right now to get unstuck and stop any pattern from happening for good!

It easier than you think to get your momentum back and start expanding toward life – rather than running away from it! Here’s the secret we feel stuck when we start contracting and running away from our problems and our lives!

So the best way to get unstuck doesn’t have anything to do with “doing” something or taking a particular action it has to do with WHO we are at a core level – 99% SPACE. Sacred Space that is and all space ever wants or needs is to expand.

This is powerful stuff beauties – get unstuck NOW! Listen below…



P.S. just an update on this episode – right after I recorded this episode I picked my daughter up from school only to learn that the problem she had been facing (that I talk about in the episode) was completely removed from her life that day!  She woke up dreading going to school but decided to change her mindset and when she got to school her problem didn’t exist anymore and she had an amazing day!

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