Feng Shui for the Modern Woman

Learn to feel safe and supported again after heartbreak or trauma

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious in your home?
Do you desire to live in a home that supports you and makes you feel safe, comforted and loved?
Welcome to Modern Feng Shui!
I use the premise of Sacred Space combined with the principles of Feng Shui to guide you toward creating a home that nourishes the body and comforts the soul!

Feng Shui in Arlington TX

Discover Peace...

I work with women who are tired of feeling stress, worry, anxiety and panicespecially after trauma or loss.
I specialize in giving you the tools you need to feel safe and supported so you can heal.
And YES it is possible to do all of this online via ZOOM (video calling) and make it easy-peasy the whole way through! 


Why Hire Me?

Reduce Your Stress!

Did you know that over 75% of all illnesses are STRESS related?

That’s huge!

When all we see when we look around us is mess & chaos it shuts down our nervous system and causes us to shut down emotionally and mentally. It puts us into fear mode which increases our stress levels and compounds our trauma.

In order to heal, we must feel safe, that is why I strongly believe in the power of having a home that offers us comfort and peace and this is the first step toward creating that.

Discover Happiness & Connection

We all want to feel connected (and happy) this need is literally encoded into our DNA.

But most of us have no idea where to begin and live our lives feeling numb and wondering if we will ever be happy or have the true connection and love that we are looking for.

Through my program you will discover more self-connection which leads to happiness and more connection to others. It turns out that happiness is an inside job and when we give it to ourselves by really connecting with who we are we can then extend and share that deep connection with others.


Modern Feng Shui Coaching

5 Weeks of Modern Feng Shui Coaching (includes 1 hour coaching call per week)

Access to all of my digital content

A Free copy of my book “Creating Sacred Space in the Home”

Customized Printables to help you develop positive mindset habits

Email support in between sessions and a personalized action plan after every session!

5  sessions with me via ZOOM video calling (1 hr. each)

Price: $597