when everything goes wrong
January 5, 2018 Katie 0 Comments

A few months ago my family and I decided to move to Georgia. It took me a long time to finally jump on board with the idea of moving back to Georgia, (I’ve lived there once before). When I finally decided to do it the house went right under contract and we were all excited.

We were supposed to be in Georgia right after the new year but suddenly a few days after Christmas it all went wrong! First, no one could get a hold of the buyer here in Colorado and there was a ton of paperwork he hadn’t turned in so his loan could go through. So they extended the closing.

Then finally the buyer got back on board only to fall off the face of the earth again. We had to reschedule the movers, our water was turned off, etc. Long story short he ended up completely defaulting on the contract yesterday and we had no idea what to do.

I was angry, not really at the buyer because he was having a hard time and I got where he was coming from but just more at the whole situation. Why did it happen? What did it mean? And most importantly what were we going to do?

So many people lost so much in this deal. The buyers realtor lost tons of money, the lender lost tons of money. The sellers in GA could potentially lose tons of money. Earnest money was lost, etc. But most importantly I lost my sanity for a hot minute.

I’d like to say I handled this situation with grace and compassion but I didn’t. At least not in the way I felt like I should’ve. I got angry. I resisted every extension, every change, every loss of well thought out plans. I even got mildly depressed.

When everything goes wrong it might feel like the Universe is totally against you, or that its your fault somehow. Especially when its a situation you have no control over. When its all out of our hands we look for someone to blame. I had moments of blaming the buyer, the realtor, the lender and of course myself. But in the end I knew there was nothing I could do and blaming everyone doesn’t help.

So yesterday when I knew the house wasn’t going to close today I was pissed. I couldn’t really be pissed at anyone in particular but I was none the less. I had no control over this situation and that pissed me off even more!

I decided to run some errands and while I’m out driving I see 777, 888, 555 over and over. All of my special numbers on license plates, my odometer at one point said 8888 and I knew that something amazing was going to come out of this. I was manifesting! Then I see this bumper sticker that said “Expect a miracle”. I knew it was God’s special way of letting me know something miraculous was going to come out of this.

Today, the buyers realtor called and announced that she would be buying the house and since the appraisal and inspection were already complete she could have it closed in 10 days!!

It was truly miraculous! This means no one loses anything! She still gets her commission, the lender gets his, the house in Georgia can still close just a bit later and all is well! (Of course the buyer lost his earnest money and the house but that’s what he wanted) So a lose-lose situation suddenly turned into a win-win situation for everyone!!

Even though I was angry and felt totally out of control I held onto the belief that something good would happen and it did!

So the lesson for me was this: When everything goes wrong feel what you need to feel but look for the signs that its all going to balance itself out. Then believe in that despite your feelings, despite the lack of control, despite the resistance. Just believe.

Everything happens for a reason if nothing more than to just help us grow our faith.



Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA

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