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Ending the night on a fabulous note makes for a better morning and evening rituals support good morning rituals.

This is something I am definitely in the process of learning. I tend to pay more attention to getting my daughter in bed at a decent hour than I do creating a gentle routine that puts us both at ease.

In the process of figuring this out there are some things I’ve learned and if you are a parent you’ll resonate with this. (But even if you aren’t you will get some awesome stuff out of this article as well).

In order to have a super awesome morning waking up a bit earlier is essential but to support that goal we need to have a stress free evening the night before.

Getting our kids to sleep every night is no easy feat but one thing I know for sure if there is pressure on them to go to bed they will resist it to the fullest of their ability. Which always ends in disaster, stress and crying (on both ends).

Here are a few ways to create evening rituals that support health, well being and stress free nights!

  • Start Early

Starting your evening ritual a couple hours prior to bedtime can really make a big difference. This gives you time to do everything that needs to be done without rushing around trying to get everyone in bed at the last minute.

This also gives your child time to calm down from the days activities and prepare for bed time. Honestly though, I find that we aren’t much different from our kids in the fact that even as adults we need a good couple of hours to help us unwind from the day’s events.

  • Do things together

The evening hours are the perfect time to spend as a family. You can play a board game, read books and do other calm activities that help prepare you and your little one for sleepy time. If you start early you leave room for bonding time that helps you both calm down and get ready for bed.

After you have done some fun, yet calm, activities together you can feed them a bedtime snack, have a conversation about the day and start getting ready for bed.

My daughter and I like to talk about our favorite parts of the day, say affirmations, etc. This is a fabulous part of the day for both of us and it really helps keep us bonding and connecting.

  • “Me” Time

As important as it is to spend time with your kids before bed it is equally important to get a few minutes in with yourself too. How you spend this time will be unique to you but here are some suggestions:

Take an Epsom Salt bath

Epsom salts relax your entire body and help you unwind and de-stress. (You can read my article on the benefits of Epsom Salt here.)

Do some Yoga Stretches

A simple yoga routine that stretches your hips and shoulders will dramatically increase the quality of your sleep. Wherever you tend to carry stress in your body really focus on these areas when doing your stretches.

For me I find the most benefit in spending about 3 minutes in each pose going deeper into the pose as I breathe out. I breathe in slowly and deeply. This really relaxes the tension in my body and I sleep better as a result.  Take your time with your stretching routine and really focus on releasing the tension.

Read a good and uplifting book

The important thing is that the book is something you love to read that supports where you are on your path. I tend to read a lot of Wayne Dyer and similar authors. I find that the evening hours are when you are most susceptible to new information so this is perfect time to read things that are going to have a positive impact on your life.


Writing down things you are grateful for or just your thoughts from the day in general can help you release the stress of the day and prepare for a brand new shiny morning.


Meditation, especially to some soft and calm music improves sleep, creates positive thought patterns and improves your health and circulation.

Even if you only have a half hour to yourself after you put your child to sleep try to spend this time really connecting with yourself. You will sleep better, feel better and have more energy for the next day as a result.

Whatever you want to create in your life, whatever you want more of – take little steps toward those desires. If you want a deeper connection to God, to Spirit, take moments throughout your day and evening to be in the moment.

If you want greater health the best thing you can do right now is take baby steps to reducing your stress. An evening ritual that supports your desires and helps you de-stress will greatly improve your overall health and change your perspective to a more joyful one.

The little steps we take toward our general health are what have the greatest impact.

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