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May 19, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

I’ve never been much of a tea drinker but lately I’ve been super into it. As a result I’ve noticed some HUGE health benefits. Drink yo’ tea and start improving your health with something that tastes great, boosts your energy and soooo much more!



Here’s why you should drink tea on the daily…


  • Oolong tea

Oolong Tea (get it here) will give you a nice energy boost during the day without a crash later on. It will improve mental clarity and focus, help you lose weight, prevent cancer and tooth decay! Plus, it’s great for your metabolism, skin, immune system and more.


  • Berry teas and fruit teas

Like Celestial Seasonings (my favorite) are great for glowing skin and aid in digestion (so drink a cup during or after your meals). Plus they taste great iced or hot.

The great thing about Celestial Seasonings fruit teas is that they are chock full of antioxidants and have Hibiscus in almost every single one.  Hibiscus will reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Plus, Hibiscus decreases the risk of cancer, aids the liver, speeds up your metabolism and can help you lose weight without any if those crazy jitters!!


  • Black Tea

I rarely drink this tea but its health benefits are worth mentioning. Black Tea is fully fermented which means it has some really great benefits for your gut.  Not to mention it will improve your circulation, is beneficial for your bones and teeth and it lowers your risk of developing diabetes.


  • Green Tea

Drink this tea for weight loss, cancer prevention and higher brain function. Green Tea tastes fabulous and is loaded with antioxidants. If you want to improve your overall health and energy drink this tea!


Pretty much any tea you drink will help you relax even those with caffeine and that means healthier adrenals and hormones.

Yogi Teas are another of my faves. Yogi Teas make a Healthy skin tea that’s to die for and will give your skin a healthy glow from the inside out! Plus its super great for your kidneys and bladder.


Drink tea and feel great! If you want to dive deeper into your health just CLICK HERE to schedule a Discovery Call with me!


Happy Day beauties…
Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA

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