The Dangers of Health Trends
April 4, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

Health trends cause problems for our bodies, (especially if you are jumping from trend to trend).  Over the next few weeks I will be talking a lot about our bodies as sacred spaces. Just like our home is a sacred space so is the body. Our home, our bodies and our souls connect at the deepest level.

That being said, our bodies tend to be tricky things. Mostly because we have been programmed not to listen to them, although they have infinite wisdom. When we don’t listen we suffer from a multitude of issues. Once we are in a state of dis-ease we immediately want to rectify the problem and most of the time we “jump on the bandwagon” of one of the latest health trends hoping it will help heal our bodies.

My Story…

I’ve studied, worked in and lived holistic health for the past 13 years. I got into it because I suffered from many health issues since I was a small child and I wanted an alternative to western medicine. So when I was 21 I switched from working as a Fraud Analyst at MCI, to working in a health food store.

Enthralled by all the new information, I immediately jumped on all the health trends going on at the time that I could. So, I started eating only organic (and gained like 20 lbs.) Then, I went gluten-free, (worst 2 weeks of my life). I cleansed, and cleansed and cleansed again. I drank apple cider vinegar and liquid cayenne, daily. Not to mention, I have taken literally thousands of supplements and tried every vitamin on the market.

Eventually, I started working as a holistic health consultant and kept learning and trying new things as well as watching what certain things did for others. What I learned was that simpler is always better and that jumping on every health trend that came my way brought way more pain than gain.

The best way to heal your body…

When your body isn’t happy the worst thing you can do is start pumping it full of supplements, bouncing through health trends or starving it from the foods it’s typically used to. If you want to heal your body, a simple and balanced approach is always best.

The process in which I have had the most success both for clients and myself, is to start small and simple and always keep balance in mind as the main factor. This means that if you choose to take supplements you start with 1 thing and always go for the most bio-identical that you can. Meaning, that it is as whole as possible.

How I learned the “Simple Way”

I had a client who was suffering from paranoia-schizophrenia. He came in with very dark circles under his eyes, ashy/gray skin, and haunted eyes that would dart around the room, never able to focus for a moment. This young man looked very ill. He stated that his “friend” was suffering from paranoia-schizophrenia and asked me what I would recommend. Since this dis-ease is actually a parasitic infection (little known fact), I asked him to try taking Sovereign Silver in small doses 3 times per day.

A week later he called me saying that his “friend” was having headaches, so I told him to cut the dose back just a bit, as that is a sign of healing crisis. Within 2 months he came in for another bottle and looked like a totally different person. I was honestly astounded at the change that had occurred in just a short time.

His skin had color, his eyes were clear, he had a smile on his face! The beauty of it being he only took 1 supplement and it eased his suffering. We lived in a very small town and he got a job at Wal-Mart so I was able to keep an eye on his progress over the next year or so, out of sheer curiosity of course. I watched him every time I went to the store; he would smile and greet every one and every week I went to the store he looked better and better.

The AHA Moment!

This was the moment I realized how one small and simple thing can make such a huge difference. My encounter with this young man greatly impacted my life and I am forever thankful to the Universe for providing me with this opportunity. Even though I live across the country now I still think about this man often and what a difference connecting with him made in my life.

From that point on I made it a practice to always recommend the simplest route. I let go of the health trends and fads and just focused on what works in the most balanced and simple way.

Of course, your mind/body connection is deeply important as well and we will get into that next week. But for now when choosing from the vast array of healthy options out there remember that simpler is always better and you can always start small and work your way up if you need to!

How do you keep balance in your life? What health trends have you taken part in and what was the result? Are there ways you could simplify your health routines or supplements you are taking?  I would love to know – comment below!

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