Cultivating Gratitude and Joy
May 24, 2017 Katie 0 Comments

I have been consciously practicing cultivating gratitude and joy in my life. I don’t think I realized how deep into the “complainey” hole I had gotten myself until I started being more thankful!

Consciously cultivating gratitude and joy really woke me up to how negative I really can be about well…pretty much everything. On the flip side, practicing gratitude is an instant Happiness Booster!

Gratitude is such a powerful force and it has really helped me get through some tough times. I have also learned a lot about myself by practicing gratitude, like what I really value, what I would really miss if it was gone, all the little moments that are so special like things my daughter says or does that just crack me up, or little tiny birdies playing in the snow (it happened and I couldn’t get enough of watching it!).  You know the tiny moments that if you aren’t paying close attention will just fly right by you.

Cultivating gratitude and joy in my life has allowed me to become way more aware of all those precious moments I was missing before and has helped me really treasure all the wonderful things life has to offer!

How to Cultivate Gratitude and Joy in Your Life

Here are some really easy tips to start cultivating gratitude and joy in your own life. They are super simple and can be done in just 5 minutes per day – but these practices have a HUGE impact.


1 – Start a Gratitude List

This is a simple way just to get started. Write out at least 10 things big and small, that you are grateful for right now. Then each day or each week try to add to it. Soon you will have a giant list of things to be grateful for. This is especially useful if you are having a down day – just pull out your gratitude list and you will feel tons better immediately!


2 – Pray with Gratitude

When I read “Conversations with God” and he was talking about praying with gratitude I was a little confused and not sure how to do that. I tried it and it felt weird and unnatural and I couldn’t get the words to come out right.

Well I just kept working on it and eventually my mind wrapped itself around this new concept. So when I am facing a problem or I feel like I need something I take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude that would go something like this:

“Thank you God for showing me that a solution to this problem is right around the corner.”

or when I feel worried about my daughter because I am a mom with crazy thoughts:

“Thank you God for keeping Aayana safe and protected.”

or when I feel worried about money:

“Thank you God for providing for all my needs, big and small.”

You get the idea but I cannot tell you how this alone has changed my life! It has brought things to me quicker and easier than I’ve experienced maybe, ever. It has kept me from going into that deep, dark place of pure terror and it has helped me see more beauty in life than I have seen in years!


3 – Mirror Work

This one I picked up from Louise Hay. I make it a standard morning practice. So in the morning I look into the mirror and I say “I Love You” 3 times. Then I start saying things I am grateful for while looking myself in the eyes. I like to do super simple things and big things. So being grateful for all my senses and I list them out one by one, or having a roof over my head, etc. Then I move into each of my family, loved ones, and just anything else that comes to mind. This is a perfect way to start your day.

Gratitude naturally increases your joy levels so the more focused you are on being grateful the more joyful you are going to feel, period.

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