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January 16, 2017 Katie 1 Comments

Last week, I created what I’m calling a “Life Designr“.(Spelled that way intentionally). It’s basically a Life Planner but I am not big on the word “plan” so I went with design since that’s where my heart is at anyway! I love to design things and designing your life is the best experience – it’s all about conscious choice!

I was inspired by a post on Pinterest and I just ran with it.

This is a great way to stay organized and keep all your thoughts, inspiration and goals Life Designerin one place.

Here’s how the Life Planner started…

I found this pretty binder at Walmart for $6 and the rest of what I used was just fun things we had lying around the house or that I re-purposed for my Life Designr.

How I set it up:

I put Thank You cards, Post-It Notes and that cute little pen in the front pocket. (Motivation to write more Thank You Notes!)Life Planner Life Designer

My To-Do List and Inspiration tabs are up front. (After saying my Daily Intention & Morning Prayers I create a Daily To-Do List. I always include how I want to feel that day, I call that Emotional Intention).

For all the affirmations I love I created an Inspiration tab. Plus, I added the pretty vision board below, a love letter I wrote to myself and a list of things to do in case I have a crappy day!

life designer life planner

Next is my Growth/Goals – this is so I can set goals and then track my progress, I have different tabs for different areas in here – such as Family/Relationships, Emotions, Health, etc. I created vision boards for some of those areas too and put in a whole section for my Gratitude List.

life designer life planner

Vision Board Inspiration!

I really love keeping my vision boards in a binder. I thought that was a fab idea since I rarely create vision boards because I couldn’t figure out where to put them and they ended up just being clutter. Having them in a binder I look at everyday really keeps me inspired and focused on what I want to create.

life designer life planner

Lastly, I have sections for Business and Prosperity. The business section houses my checklist, goals, etc. The prosperity section is all about Money Affirmations, My Budget Worksheet and my Bill Tracker. (I made my own if you want the free printables CLICK HERE!)

That’s pretty much it! I love this thing so much and I am so glad I did this, it really has changed my whole perspective on journaling, setting goals, and keeping track of my money. Plus, I’m so much better at life when I have paper and pen in hand.

What about you? How do you keep track of your life? Do you use a Life Planner / Life Designer I would love to know!

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