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Creating a morning routine can give you a reason to get up in the morning, help you be more productive and give balance to your life. However, what you do in your morning routine will determine the benefits you get out of it.

For me creating the perfect morning routine means that its flexible and as I grow it grows and changes with me. It involves and satisfies each Sacred Space of my life: Spirit, Body/Mind, and Home.

A morning routine can be a simple 15 minute practice that you do every morning. It can also be little things you do throughout the entire morning spanning over a couple of hours. It doesn’t really matter how long it is or when you do each part of your practice as long as you enjoy it and it feels supportive in nature. Your morning routine should never feel like a task or a chore – if it does it’s not working for you.

So here are some tips for creating the perfect morning routine:

  • Flexibility

In order to create balance in your life every routine or schedule that you keep needs to have a certain level of flexibility. If you follow a rigid schedule or routine that you feel is keeping you safe, eventually that safety will come into question when a wrench is thrown into your schedule and the end result will be chaotic. Flexibility creates support and ultimate safety comes from within, not from a rigid schedule.

That being said, make sure that your routines can be changed as you change and grow. Whatever routine you create must support you not the other way around.

A morning routine’s soul purpose offers support and gives you a certain level of satisfaction that you can carry throughout your day.  So go into creating your morning routine with the intention of flexibility and support as you grow.

  • Spiritual Practice

Morning routines are best when they involve a spiritual practice. This practice will be unique to you and where you are at on your path. For me I have prayers that I say every morning. Prayers of gratitude, a chakra prayer (for the chakra of the day) and the prayer of St. Frances.  I set an intention each day on how I want to feel throughout the day and I create my to do list based on that. I also have a daily affirmation (or two) that I try to stay mindful of throughout the day. This is the best part of my morning routine for me. It keeps me grounded and connected and makes a notable difference.

I also do 15 minutes of meditation each morning as well. Create a spiritual practice for yourself that resonates with you. This one act alone could be the very reason you get up every morning.

  • Moving Your Body

I am not as consistent in this area as I would like to be but I try to include some yoga or a walk outside into my morning routine. When I do this I really feel more relaxed throughout the day.  It greatly decreases the effects of stress and helps you focus better and with more clarity.

It’s the small things that make a big difference so even just a 15 minute yoga routine or a 30 minute walk each morning will have a big impact.

  • Involving Your Home

Our home is one of the 3 Sacred Spaces (Home, Body & Soul) that we have total control over.  So involving it in your morning routine honors it and creates a space that is filled with love and that is apart of you.

The way I do this is by making my bed each morning, picking up after myself and my daughter and enjoying a good breakfast (fruit!).  Since I work from home it is important to me to have a place to live that really supports me. Throughout the day I take little breaks and just putter around picking things up, wiping things down, doing a little laundry etc. This practice varies day to day (depending on what needs getting done) but like I said its the little things that make a big difference.

  • Waking Up!

Work can start very early for me so I started getting up an hour earlier so I can get some “me” time in before my daughter wakes up and work starts. This has been great because I get a shower in, time for my prayers without interruption and quiet peace with my coffee!

Make sure that you are going to bed a little earlier if you are the type of person that needs a lot of sleep.  I need at least 8 hours so I go to bed shortly after I put my daughter to bed. That way I get that time in the morning to myself and still get enough sleep to function.

No matter how you create your morning routine make sure that it works for you. You can tweak things here and there as you go along and realize something isn’t working or you want more of something that is really working for you. Honor your Body, Soul and Home in your practice and keep it flexible. You will find so much more joy in your day and be motivated each and every morning!

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