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I love having a task list, and I love having a clean organized home! I am not as big on keeping a schedule, but having a working task list where I can check things off is my favorite thing! I create a new task list each morning, based on what I know I need to get done that day and what I want to do.

I include ways to reward myself each day; just simple things like taking a bath, doing a face mask, having a special meal, etc.

Now, the idea of using a checklist for a clean organized home is to get the majority of your home organized and decluttered in 8 weeks or less, (depending on the size of your home).

I have created a Organizing checklist that you can download HERE.

It’s way easier than you might think to create a clean organized home…

Here’s how it works…Each week focus on one area of your home. For instance, start with the kitchen. During the work-week spend 15 minutes in the morning on simple things like finding a home for stray items, making your bed (so good for a productive day), etc. Then in the evening just take 1/2 an hour to organize a couple kitchen drawers or a cabinet. The idea is to take the process in bite-size pieces so it’s not so overwhelming.

Be sure to set a timer, so you don’t end up overdoing it!

Then on the weekends…

On Saturday, take on the big projects such as decluttering and organizing your pantry.

On Sundays, relax and play with your family! In the evening when you have a few minutes, set aside about 15 minutes, and organize your purse or your car. This a great way to cut down on the trash, clutter and little things that end up in our purses and cars and it will surprise you how much you can get done in just 15 minutes.

Keep each week a “theme” like Kitchen for Week 1, Closets for Week 2, Storage/Basement for Week 3, etc. This really breaks it down and helps you feel good about organizing, rather than ending up super overwhelmed. (Here’s a post all about that).

Plus, the benefit of having a checklist really helps you stay more motivated and gives you the satisfaction of checking things off your list. (Ahhh, love that feeling!)

It’s also super important to decide how you want to feel in each room of your home i.e. what is your end goal? Why do you want to be organized? Generally, its because it creates a certain feeling and that feeling is the motivation to stick to getting it done.

What’s in the Checklist?

Free Printables - Clean Organized Home PrintableYou will receive a beautiful printable PDF complete with an example checklist and your own printable checklist. One for your large projects and one for things you can spend just 15 minutes on (best way to make huge progress!)

Download it HERE to get started!

Got questions about creating your organizing schedule? Click HERE for a FREE 25 minute Discovery Call with me!


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