simple ways to free up a busy schedule
March 21, 2018 Katie 0 Comments

Lately I have felt so busy I cant see straight! I don’t think anything really changed in my life. We did move to Georgia but our schedule/routine didn’t really change. Somehow I created this super busy schedule for myself and I found myself feeling stressed and overrun with activity – mostly in my mind.

It dawned on me that 90% of our busy schedule is in our heads. Busy is a feeling its not necessarily a truthful reality. We rush, rush, rush and constantly feel like we have to get somewhere or do something – this is busy.

So how can we get back to center and incorporate a little “slow down” time into our busy schedule?

Here’s what I am doing to relieve this “busy, busy” mentality:

1 – Embrace the side of me that wants to feel busy

We all have shadow sides that want to feel a certain way. Sometimes when we have gone through a period of stagnation or we don’t really want to acknowledge certain aspects of ourselves we tap into our “busy state”. This state is used to distract us from things we don’t really want to see but its also a part of who we are.

So a good conversation with yourself can do wonders. Embrace there’s part of you that really wants to be busy for one reason or another – have a conversation with this part of yourself. Ask her what she needs, what would make her feel good, etc. This way you connect with yourself and get to the core issue of whatever is really going on beneath the surface. (Also its a great chance for a little slow down time/meditation).

If you feel “too busy” to have this conversation then do it on the drive to work, or in the morning when you first wake up or even right before you go to bed. There is always time for some self-connection. Without it we won’t get very far.

2 – Schedule in some “down time”

We all need a little pampering. So schedule in your relaxation time.  I highly recommend getting 15 minutes of meditation in every morning as a rule and then scheduling at least an hour every week for a long bath or reading a good book.

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When we get enough rest and relaxation we take our bodies out of fight or flight mode and put them back into rest and feed mode.  This in turn helps our minds slow down and we feel less busy, like life is less urgent.

3 – Remind yourself daily to Slow Down!

Make it your mantra! This takes awareness but when you feel yourself going into stressful, urgent thoughts take a deep breath and say “Slow Down”.  This provides instant relief to stress, frustration and the like.

4 – Focus on one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is overrated – trust me I am a professional at it and its really never given me anything but a headache and a lot more work. That’s because we are literally hardwired to be present. When we try to do a bunch of stuff at once it takes us out of the present moment or task and has us flying all over the place putting us back into urgency and creating stress.


Above all remember that time is an illusion its really what we make of it. I know that for me I don’t want to look back at my life and see myself doing a whole bunch of meaningless busy work. I’d rather slow down and enjoy life as it comes and goes.

All my love,

Katie Smith, Professional Home Organizer in Canton, GA

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