breaking toxic relationship patterns
May 12, 2019 Katie 0 Comments

Do you attract men that treat you like you don’t matter? They are totally love bombing you one minute and the next they are cold as ice? Do you find yourself dating the same or similar men all the time and you feel like there are no good guys out there anymore?

I feel you sister! I was there my entire adult life and it sucked. My guest today is Kelee Love and we are so excited to bring you this episode where we help break down the exact steps we both took to start breaking our toxic relationship patterns and manifest our soulmates!

Kelee and I get real in this episode about what it takes to start breaking toxic relationship patterns and start dating consciously so you can manifest the man of your dreams. (Hint: what you value, you attract).

Both Kelee and I have had similar experiences in our own love lives that left us heartbroken and angry.

Kelee is an amazing Dating and Relationship Coach and because of our very similar path we literally have THE BEST conversations.

You are going to want to grab some popcorn (and maybe a notebook and pen) and get cozy for this amazing episode where we discuss:

How to date with discernment i.e. dating based on your values

How to break the toxic relationship cycles that are keeping you stuck in heartbreak and unfulfilling relationships

The exact steps to take in order to manifest your SOULMATE (This is HUGE – it’s the one secret Kelee and I both used to manifest our soulmates!)

How to alleviate your heartbreak starting today!

You will learn so many amazing tools you can start implementing in your life today and we are sooo excited to share them with you because, yea, this is like our life’s work…

Tune in below Babe!
breaking toxic relationship patterns with Kelee Love

Kelee Love is a Dating & Relationship Coach, who specializes in helping successful women find the love within, so they can attract it into their life. She advocates self-love, and teaches her clients how to have healthy relationships, starting with the one with themselves, through diving into beliefs that keep them consistently dating the wrong type of people, so they can finally meet and commit to the guy of their dreams. Many of her clients have found results like getting married, engaged, or just finally attracting their soul mate and dream relationship.

Kelee is from Salt Lake City, UT and in her free time enjoys hiking, hot yoga, time with her friends and family, and of course taking road trips with her soulmate and best friend, CD.

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