About Me

about me!

me and the girls 2

A Few Fun Facts About Me:

That’s me with my 2 sisters and my daughter! 

  • Fun Fact #1!  I like totally ADORE all things Pink and Sparkly! (I have a serious obsession with glitter)
  • Fun Fact #2!  My name, Katie Lynne, literally means “Pure House”.  Pure House = Sacred Space = My Destiny! BOOOM! (and to think it was in my name all along!)
  • Fun Fact #3!  I live life with PASSION and my religion is LOVE!

My Story

I hate reading long bios so in order to sortof alleviate that pain for you I will just highlight some things you might want to know below:
Often Home Organizing can end up feeling stale and sterile and that's not my jam. So, I created my own approach using a Holistic Method I call Creating Sacred Space.
  • My background consists of a total of 20 years as an Executive Assistant, Event Planner and Web Designer
  • I have studied and worked in Holistic Health for over 12 years
  • I absolutely love organizing and have been doing it all my life but professionally since 2007
  • I've combined my knowledge and skill of Holistic Health with Organizing
  • My Sacred Space Coaching is unique in that I approach Home, Body and Soul as one whole that works together
  • I have created a lifestyle for myself that is rooted in Sacred Space daily - this is what I practice and share
  • My specialty is in helping people who have experienced a major life change and need help putting things back in order

So What is Sacred Space?

In a word? COMFORT!

I know when most of us think of Sacred Space we think of a small corner or room in our home dedicated to meditation or prayer. At first I loved the idea of this but something just felt like it was missing…

So because I am like the most curious person on the planet, I investigated!

Through my research I discovered that Sacred literally means “Whole”. It is referred to as something that should be respected and looked at as Whole.

I translate Sacred Space as meaning a place you can be both inside and out that creates comfort.  Comfort in its original Latin means “To strengthen greatly.” Comfort gives us strength to get through all the challenges life throws our way so we can come out the other side stronger and better versions of ourselves and this in a nutshell is what I practice.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Swami Sivananda

So what does that mean for you?

Sacred Space Applies To 3 Areas:




These are our 3 Sacred Spaces and really the only areas of life that we have control over. I believe that when we take control of these areas and start connecting, we can create a life that we are proud of and totally in love with!

I use some really fun things to make this happen!

I incorporate principles of Feng Shui with my grounded take on organization and de-cluttering along with my knowledge and expertise in Holistic Health. 

On top of that I help you discover how to emotionally and mentally de-clutter, think higher thoughts, and connect with yourself through the process.

Our homes and our bodies are a direct reflection of our mind-soul connection, so usually whats going on outside is happening on the inside.

It’s my goal to create a fun and loving environment that guides my clients into making better choices and creating the life they truly seek to live!

Sacred Space Is...

Creating a loving and comfortable environment inside and out.

Holistic Means...

Treating your home, body and soul as one WHOLE that works together.

Joy Over Perfection!

Above all, choose what will bring you joy and let go of perfection!

Check me out on some of these things!