about me!


A few Fun Facts about me:

That’s me with my sweet baby girl!

  • Fun Fact #1!  I like totally ADORE all things Pink and Sparkly! (I have a serious obsession with glitter)
  • Fun Fact #2!  My name, Katie Lynne, literally means “Pure House”.  Pure House = Sacred Space i.e. my passion! (and to think it was in my name all along!)
  • Fun Fact #3!  I live life with PASSION and my religion is LOVE!

My Story

I know what its like when it feels like your life and your home are a complete mess and everything is totally out of control!

I know how it feels to crave balance and order and yet feel like a little simplicity in life is so far out of reach you will never get it!

I also know what it feels like to try every system, diet, organizational tactic and self discipline routine under the sun only to have them fail you in the end or become so complicated you feel more frustrated than when you started!!

Trust me I get it!

That’s the exact reason I created my modality called A Sacred Space. It covers every area of your home, body and life. It is simple and rooted in a nice beautiful balance of spontaneity and order.

Practicing Sacred Space creates simplicity, joy and satisfaction in every area!

It is rooted in one thing – Intention.

I found that Intention is literally everything. When we become conscious of what we want to experience and hold space for that – well, lets just say MAGIC HAPPENS!

If you are ready to create a simple, joy-filled home (and life) CLICK HERE to contact me!


Life Coach and Home Organizer
Some more things you might want to know...
  • My background consists of a total of 20 years as an Executive Assistant, Event Planner and Web Designer
  • I have over 13 years of experience in the Holistic Health and Wellness field.
  • I absolutely love organizing and have been doing it all my life but professionally since 2007
  • I've combined my knowledge and skill of Holistic Healing with Organizing
  • My Sacred Space Coaching is unique in that I approach Home, Body and Soul as one whole that works together
  • I have created a lifestyle for myself that is rooted in Sacred Space daily - this is what I practice and share
  • My specialty is in helping people who have experienced a major life change or trauma and need guidance toward healing and putting life back in order

So What is Sacred Space?

Well I’ve dedicated a whole page to that which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

But the short version is deciding how we want to feel and focusing on that as our WHOLE INTENTION for our lives and our homes.

There are 3 ways to create Sacred Space in your life:

In the Home – Our homes are a direct reflection of what we are going through emotionally and mentally. By creating a home that is aligned with intention, the intention of how we really want to feel, we create room and space in our lives for more good to come in.

In the Body – Our bodies and minds are one, they are directly linked. Whatever we think over and over our body will reflect either in illness or in good health. Taking care of our bodies and our minds by clearing out the old thought patterns and beliefs, eating well, moving our bodies and meditating we create space for more self expression, more of our God given talents and desires to come forward.

In the Soul – Connecting with Source, with God each and every day. There are a number of ways to do this and I cover them in my Sacred Space Coaching.


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