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Do you ever wake up just having one of “those” days where you feel sluggish, tired and less than healthy? Maybe, you feel bloated, exhausted or have muscle soreness for no apparent reason…It might surprise you to know that even the most healthy people suffer from days like this from time to time.

So whether you suffer from an auto-immune disorder or your energy has just been low lately – these 10 tips will get you feeling better no matter where you are at in your relationship with your body and its health!

Jumpstart your Health Tips!

  1. Stop using hand sanitizer!

This one might surprise you but a little research online and you will throw away every bottle you have for good! Here’s the low down on the stuff:

Prior to me becoming a mom I had read a study on hand sanitizer regarding evidence coming to light that it actually inhibits the immune systems natural ability to fight off bacteria and viruses! In short it actually weakens the immune system. (Click Here for a recent study on the dangers of hand sanitizer) Not to mention it creates “super bugs”, is chock-full of chemicals and parabens (which actually can mess with your hormones, endocrine system & are linked to cancer). Your body can naturally fight off bad bacteria if you let it and support it in the process.

So here’s what I use to help my body and my daughters’ body fight off yucky germs:

hand sanitizer alternative


Its super simple: 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 10 drops of Lemon mixed with water (distilled preferably) in a small travel size spray bottle. (make sure you give it a good shake prior to spraying)

That’s it! Lemon oil and Lavender Oil are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial but they work with your body not against it, plus they both smell divine!

2. Get moving!

If you have been in a cycle of feeling down and out the best thing you can do is go for a walk. Often we feel lethargic because our lymph system is fighting something off or maybe its a little clogged up. If you take a 30 minute walk you help your lymph system drain and get moving again which in turn helps you feel better and less “stuck”.

3. Drink Tea!

Tea is soooo good for you and its a great way to jumpstart your health. Plus, there are a million different kinds out there. Plus the caffeine in teas such as Oolong, White or Black tea is beneficial to your energy levels and won’t mess with your adrenal glands.  Most teas give you a boost of energy without the knock-down drag-out feeling later on that you might experience with coffee or soda.

4. Take beneficial supplements.

I’m talking about the occasional supplement that is very high in quality and won’t overload your body. There are very few supplements that I am willing to take as I find that they are generally not bio-identical (your body doesn’t recognize them and as a result will have a hard time processing them). Not to mention quality is key and most supplements on the market today are filled with yucky stuff that won’t make a bit of difference or help you out at all.  That being said here’s a list of my super-researched supplements that I personally take and trust 100%!

Cellfood – This stuff is awesome! It will cure a chest cold or even prevent one. It also helps with muscle recovery from exercise and gives you a nice energy boost. Overall it promotes health and well being in general.

Spirulina & Ginseng – If you need an energy boost without the crash this is where its at. Plus its great for adrenal health, cleansing the lymph glands and supporting overall health.

Rainbow Light Vitamins –  I don’t recommend taking vitamins every day but if you need some extra focus and energy or you feel like you are getting sick these are the best vitamins on the market!

BP Balance –  If you suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism this stuff will change your life. You only need to take it when you feel the symptoms of hypertension, acute stress or your head is pounding from an elevated heart rate. I also found that it does wonders when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

5. Drink Sole Salt Water.

I have tried trace mineral supplements in various forms over the years and had no luck. However, when I found out about the Sole salt water it spoke to me. I use Himalayan Pink Salt which has over 84 different minerals in it. It takes a few months to notice the difference especially if you suffer from a deficiency but keep at it and you will start to see glowing skin, less bathroom visits, thicker hair and a healthier thyroid. (Here’s an article on how to make it and the benefits).

6. Take a bath.

Specifically, with Epsom salts and a little lavender. Getting a good nights rest is essential and taking a bath before bed can really help calm you down and get you ready for bed. Plus, there are tons of added benefits to doing this. Epsom salts help with digestion, muscle soreness and tightness, joint problems, skin irritations and so much more!

7. Meditate to the Love Frequency.

I recently came across this on Instagram. I usually meditate every morning just by deep breathing but I find it so helpful to have something to focus on. Anyway I read this post about the “Love Frequency” set at 528 hertz. I felt drawn to it so I downloaded an app onto my phone and started using it in my morning meditation. Meditation alone can reduce stress, increase weight loss, strengthen your immune system, increase focus and energy and more all in just 15 minutes a day! So if you aren’t doing this start!

8. Jumpstart Your Health with Lots of Fruit!

Specifically, for breakfast. I eat fruit for breakfast every morning with juice. Admittedly I have never had good luck with juicing fruits and veggies myself so I buy R.W. Knudsen’s Antioxidant Blend and Morning Green Blend.  Combining one glass of juice with a bowl full of fruit does wonders for your energy levels, plus it alkalizes your body right off the bat!

9. Spend time with Nature

Take time each day to sit outside or go for a walk outside. While you are doing this practice being in the present moment with yourself and become very aware of the singing birds, the wind in the trees, the sun, the clouds, etc.  Try to use all your senses and really embrace nature by quietly and curiously observing. This is great for reducing stress and creating spiritual connection.

10. Get a healthy boost with FUN!!

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, take time to have fun! Just crazy, don’t care, fun. If you have kids throw a dance party. If its raining outside go dancing in the rain. Do whatever sounds fun in the moment. Laugh. Laughter really is medicine (there’s actual evidence).

So there you have it 10 awesome ways to jumpstart your health – hope you enjoyed these. I would love to hear from you, let me know what you do to improve your health in the comments below.

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