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I’m here to help you heal your past & change your relationships! 

Feeling lonely, unable to trust others and heartbroken is no way to live your life. Ultimately, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. So when you are in a constant state of heartache and anxiety over your relationships (or lack thereof) every other aspect of your life suffers as a result.

I know because I spent most of my life in toxic and abusive relationships. Not just with partners, but with friends, co-workers, family, etc.

A few years ago I made the decision to heal from my past hurts and relationships and now I help other women do the same.

Bottom Line: You DESERVE LOVE, you deserve fulfilling relationships, you deserve connection and intimacy.

Read more of my story below:

I was heartbroken, hurt, scared and alone. I was so tired of running, tired of being heartbroken, tired of being sick.

I was 32 years old without a penny to my name, no car, no job, no prospects and moving back in with my parents and my 4 year old daughter.

My whole life I only ever wanted love, just real true love. Over and over again I was left heartbroken, lied to, cheated on and broken down. I was so scared that I was going to raise my daughter into the same life. The same toxic relationship traps, the same men, the same broken heart and soul.

That was my motivation for changing EVERYTHING.

I couldn’t let my daughter grow up broken; I couldn’t put my choices on her head and watch her repeat all of my same patterns.

That was the moment I took responsibility and began to heal my past trauma and heartache. 

That was the moment I realized I had created all these patterns and that meant I could change it! It was my only saving grace because if someone else had done this all to me, if someone else was somehow in charge of my life how could I fix it? How could I change any of it if I wasn’t in control of it to begin with?

That teeny moment of clarity, that choice to take responsibility for myself, my choices and my LIFE gave me just enough empowerment to forget I was broken and start healing.

Sacred Union and Relationship Coach

Let me introduce myself!

Hey, Hey Beauty!! I’m Katie and I’m an Emotional Healer and Sacred Union coach.

A few years ago I was at the end of my rope. I had my heart broken for the last time – I was determined it would be the last time!

I was fed up with being lied to, cheated on and treated like I DID NOT MATTER.

So, I dug deep and I began the work of healing my heart and my past so that I could manifest my Soulmate and a love that was passionate, amazing, filled with love and an actual partnership!

I discovered EXACTLY what it took to stop attracting men that treated me terrible and instead manifest REAL TRUE LOVE!

I did this after years of abusive relationships, so I know its possible for YOU!

I have dedicated my life to understanding what it takes to have fulfilling relationships rooted in union and unconditional love. This is my passion and I’m here to support you and guide you in creating your own Love Story!

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I discuss everything from mindset, health, self-connection, emotional trauma, emotional healing, body image and more!

Sacred Space Life Coach in Canton, GA
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Start creating a life of freedom and joy! Learn to heal your past and your heart so you can manifest the love, freedom and passion you want to experience!

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Check out my new book – “Creating Sacred Space in the Home” and start creating a home that helps you feel safe, loved and connected.

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I don’t believe any woman should have to suffer at the hands of another person. I don’t believe that we should lose ourselves and our identity within our relationships.

Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns

Do you attract men that treat you like you don’t matter? They are totally love bombing you one minute and the next they are cold as ice? Do you find yourself dating the same or similar men all the time and you feel like there are no good guys out there anymore?

Using Sacred Space for Healing

We can use our homes to create an environment of healing from trauma, depression, anxiety,  Our homes are a place where we should feel safe but what many of us are not aware of is that we actually do not feel safe in our homes, at all. 

Heal Trauma. Change Your Relationships

Get the book!

The intention of this book is to give you a first step toward healing your heart after experiencing trauma, loss or heartbreak.

This is a simple guide that will help you begin
your healing journey toward healing your heart and
manifesting the life and love you truly desire..

In this book you will discover: 

• How to create your home as a safe and sacred space so that healing can begin

• How to start experiencing peace of mind, better sleep, higher energy levels, more connection & more joy

• Ways to connect deeper with yourself and your loved ones

• Simple techniques that lead to self-love, healing in a fun & joyous way and safety in self-connection

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