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Hey, Hi Beauty!

I see you…
Struggling to make it through the day…
Your heart filled with pain, broken and lonely…
Constantly feeling down, anxious and depressed and wondering if you will ever feel alive, free to love, free to be yourself.
Feeling so afraid to be alone…or that the pain you feel will never end.
Thinking thoughts like ‘Maybe, I just don’t deserve to be happy’…
Or … ‘Maybe, no one will ever truly love me’…’Maybe, just maybe, I’m broken and unlovable’


I get it!


I was there.
I was heartbroken. I felt unsafe, insecure and alone. I was angry and I was tired of being a victim. I was tired of being a victim in my relationships, to my emotions and to life in general.
But no matter what I tried I just couldn’t seem to get over it. I couldn’t seem to pick myself up and step out of my victim mindset. I felt completely out of control and like I had no control over any aspect of myself, my emotions or my life and it was debilitating.
I also worried I would attract someone new into my life thinking it was awesome and it would end up being the same story, the same guy, the same toxic relationship and the same heartbreak I kept healing from over and over. I believed that on some level I was completely unlovable and that I would end up alone forever.
I felt like I was totally unworthy and I would never get “it” right…being a mom, being a partner or having any sort of deep and lasting connection with anyone (romantic or otherwise) ever.

The truth is NONE of this is true!

At least it doesn’t have to be…I found sacred space within myself and that is where I found my worth and my ability to create my life, my way. I knew there was more to life than living it in victim status, heartbroken and alone.  I discovered how to heal emotional trauma in a way that is gentle and kind yet empowering.
I believe YOU are sacred space and you have the ability to create a life you love, that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty and worthless. I don’t believe you are broken, I believe you are just carrying around unnecessary weight – emotional trauma that became stuck in your body and its weighing you down. That’s why you feel so heavy, that’s why your energy is low and you feel depressed, broken and unworthy.

You have a right to live a life full of happiness, love and connection!

Know you are worth it! The happiness you crave, the dreams you desire and the love you want so badly to experience.
I want you to know it’s possible. It’s possible to see your beauty, to love freely, to heal your heart and to experience deep connection and intimacy. It’s possible to open the doors to allow TRUE LOVE into your life – that soulmate love, that deep passionate connection.
Are you curious to find out more?
I know you are beauty! I know you are here because you are ready to heal, love and connect and that is exactly what I will guide you towards! 

Discover how to heal your heart and change your life!

Heal Your Heart | Emotional Healing Life Coach

Live an Empowered Life!

Go from living your life as a victim to and empowered woman who KNOWS her worth! Heal your trauma, heal your heart and open the doors to the love you were meant to experience!

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heal your heart | create sacred space

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Being organized really isn’t something you do, it’s a state of being in which you honor your need for order, flow and comfort at a level that works for you.

What this book offers is a new way of being organized so that your home reflects YOU and offers you space, peace, wholeness and comfort. It’s based on what I call Intentional Living.

In this book you will discover: 
  • How to get organized easily and stay that way
  • How to incorporate “modern” Feng Shui into your home for flow and design that’s actually fun
  • How to organize with children at any age
  • How to let go of perfectionism and create a home you enjoy and love being in

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What is Sacred Space?

I used to believe that Sacred Space meant a small corner or room in the home that was dedicated to meditation and prayer.  
However, Sacred literally means “Whole”.  After I found that out it didn’t make much sense to separate my Sacred Space from the rest of my life…
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