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When I was young my dad used to tell me a story that  has always stuck with me.

The story was of 2 men that both wanted to live near this giant lake. One of the men decided to build his home on the sand right by the lake. He built his home and was all proud of it and told the other guy “Hey look at my awesome house right by the lake. I can step out of my front door and jump into the lake anytime I want!”

The other guy was like “Yea that’s cool but you built your house on sand. As soon as a storm comes your house is going to fall apart!”

The guy who built his house on the lake was all like “yea right dude!”

The guy who had yet to build his home found a giant rock up the hill from the lake and built his home there. He had a great view and a super solid foundation.

The first guy was like “Man, look how far from the lake you are! That was a dumb idea to build your house there.”

But the man who built his house on the rock just smiled. 

One day a huge storm came, there was lightning and thunder and it poured rain. In the middle of the storm the guy who built his house on the rock heard a loud banging on his door. He opened it and there stood the guy that had built his house on sand, soaking wet and upset. He said “My house got struck by lighting and the foundation fell apart! You were right it was so dumb to build my house on the sand!”

This story always stuck with me because I’ve realized that in life you will get nowhere fast without a strong foundation. If you don’t ground yourself in your beliefs, your desires and have a solid home life for yourself you will fall apart quickly!

I have spent the past seven years creating sacred space for myself and my beliefs through intentional living. Building a strong foundation of love, intention and comfort for myself so that I can offer that to others and so that I could heal myself from my own anxiety and stress.

This is what A Sacred Space is really all about – creating a strong foundation for yourself rooted in a conscious belief system and intention for exactly how you want to feel not just in your home but in your life. 

I use the home as the catalyst for building a strong foundation in your life because this is where we spend most of our time and have the greatest possibility of feeling safe and loved in this space. Our homes are a reflection of the state of our soul and our truest beliefs and desires, however because of our own limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety this reflection isn’t as clear or conscious as we would like it to be. Which often results in us feeling more disconnected, anxious and upset.

If you are tired of living a lifestyle of stress, health problems, disorganization and constant chaos let me guide you toward what is possible and show you how to create sacred space in your home and your life! 
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Being organized really isn’t something you do, it’s a state of being in which you honor your need for order, flow and comfort at a level that works for you.

What this book offers is a new way of being organized so that your home reflects that and offers you space, peace, wholeness and comfort. It’s based on what I call Intentional Living.

In this book you will discover: 
  • How to get organized easily and stay that way
  • How to incorporate “modern” Feng Shui into your home for flow and design that’s actually fun
  • How to organize with children at any age
  • How to let go of perfectionism and create a home you enjoy and love being in

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I used to believe that Sacred Space meant a small corner or room in the home that was dedicated to meditation and prayer.  
However, Sacred literally means “Whole”.  After I found that out it didn’t make much sense to separate my Sacred Space from the rest of my life…
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